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Obesity + big food

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Just over a week ago Coca-Cola announced measures to to deal with the social issue of obesity. It was an interesting move and on the surface of it a victory for pressure groups looking to tackle ‘Big Food’ related issues. The less charitable could also argue that Coca-Cola is trying to make a CSR (corporate […]

Food film trilogy + more stuff

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Food film trilogy PES are a stop motion animation house, whom I was introduced to by Guy, one of the creative directors that I work with. Film food trilogy is one set of films that they did a number of years ago, over a seven year period. The film food trilogy starts with Western Spaghetti […]

Big content + more news

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Big content “Big Content” Is Strangling American Innovation – Harvard Business Review – ‘Big content’ is an interesting turn of phrase. It has a lot of negative connatations like ‘big tobacco’, ‘big food’ or ‘big pharma’. While ‘big content’ doesn’t kill people with its actions, it does capture the malignancy on society and on the […]