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Oprah Time: Nation of Rebels Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture by Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter

Reading Time: 2 minutes Heath and Potter set out to square the circle on how consumerism and counterculture aren’t mutually exclusive – how the hippies of the 1960s and 1970s become the yuppies of the 1980s. They put together a skillful argument in the early part of the book that counterculture is an extension of the bohemian artistic view […]

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Counterculture Roundup

Reading Time: < 1 minute have a great analysis piece that focuses on the counterculture that helped spawn modern IT. Most people think of hippies as tie dyed, bead wearing, soap dodging stoners into free love and psychadelic rock, but the counterculture was so much more. If you like what you read also check out Accidential Empires by Robert […]

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Counterculture Boutique

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve had a number of links sent to me that were too good not to share with you all. A veritable boutique of counterculture: – Donkey Bong JoeCartoon clogged up many networks in the late 90’s with his un-PC and puerile flash animations, creating characters like the Cheech & Chong ‘Stoned Fly’ and Gerbill. The […]