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Alex Cox On of the cultural things that most defined the 1980s for me was the Moviedrome series of films on BBC 2. Late on a Sunday night, audiences were introduced to films by film director and academic Alex Cox. Cox had a singular vision and an encyclopaedic knowledge that he used to showcase the […]

Site revamp

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I have been going back through the content on this website as part of a site revamp. I conducted the content aspect of the site revamp while I created new content, did work and general life stuff. So it took a while as the content went as far back as March 2004. I ended up […]

Virgil Abloh & things that made my day this week

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Virgil Abloh Braun 100 Years Virgil – collaboration with Virgil Abloh – you would be more worries about the fingerprints rather than playing anything on the Wandanlage. Virgil Abloh has done collaborations with a range of brands from Rimowa to Mercedes-Benz. More design related posts here. Global networks 2030 While we have been concerned with […]