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Grokking Google II

Reading Time: < 1 minute It was three years since I last took a look at Google’s commands and operators. The services and shortcuts that I highlighted then are still valid, so I thought I would list out some additional ones for your convenience: allintitle: as in allintitle: monkeys “social media” brings up only those items that have a relevant […]

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Grokking Google

Reading Time: 2 minutes I worked on a presentation about Grokking Google for the guys that I work with. Showing them how they could use the web to work smarter. In amongst this was research on all the different things that you could do with the Google search box. However, if there is any things that you know of […]

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P&G, Google and the modern man

Reading Time: < 1 minute Whilst surfing the web looking for instructions on cooking, I came across Man Of The House, a site set up by digital agency Proximity for P&G who realised that when it came to women’s work in the house men tend to turn to Google to find out things like how to boil an egg, recipes […]