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By innovation only. Yet another iPhone launch

Reading Time: 2 minutes Apple’s September 10 event ‘By innovation only’ marked the autumn season of premium smartphone launches. It is also a bellwether of what we can expect from the technology sector. Mark Twain’s ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes’ fits especially well in the smartphone business. From a consumer perspective Apple’s 2019/20 iPhone range is basically […]

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A few thoughts on innovation

Reading Time: 7 minutes I started thinking about a post on innovation, after an agency meeting about a possible project. My friend Nigel Scott has been researching the venture capital industry. His ideas fired some of the thoughts in this post. It caused me to reflect again on innovation and the way we think about it. Innovation rewards hard […]

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Takeaways: In2 Innovation Summit

Reading Time: 2 minutes I got invited to The Holmes Report‘s innovation summit. This happened earlier in the day than The Sabre EMEA awards.  Here were my takeouts in no particular order:   Brad Staples presentation on reputation in a fake news environment gave me deja vu. It reminded me of corporate communications thinking when social media came to […]

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A failure of stock markets or innovation?

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the past the Silicon Valley stock market dream was relatively simple. Hard graft with a possibility of a reward in terms of a stock market listing or a buyout by a larger technology company eager for the new, new thing. Now things are different, businesses like Google, Uber and Facebook held out for as […]

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Consumer Packaged Goods innovation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Consumer packaged goods innovation – CB Insights put together an interesting presentation on the changing landscape of the consumer packaged goods sector. The key takeouts for me were: The similarity to the technology sector in terms of startups developing a brand and selling out to a bigger firm A key part of what they are […]