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London Watch

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The YouTube algorithm can take you into odd places, so it was with me and the London Watch. The watch collecting community is a global connected bunch of super passionate and and seriously nerdy people. It’s not the kind of stuff I would generally have bothered with. Watch collectors, particularly at the premium to luxury […]

LONDON Advertising + more things

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My friends at LONDON Advertising have rolled out a TV and out of home campaign for themselves. Advertising and creative agencies usually market themselves. This might be: It is usually consumer brand clients, or those that want to promote their corporate brand (think Oracle or Vodafone) that do TV and out of home advertising. Which […]

Outside the London bubble

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A quick trip north provided me with a couple of consumer insights from outside the London bubble. Business winners Discount supermarkets – last time I was in Aldi and Lidl they started featuring brands we’d recognise like Kelloggs cereals. This time there has been a move away from recognised brands. Instead, there has been a […]

Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition, 180 Strand, London

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Having been involved in a number of events over the past couple of years where creative digital work intersected with experiential marketing I was keen to look at Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition before it closed. Burberry tends to get the plaudits for digital experiences in the luxury sector and they do a lot of […]

Londons property boom & more news

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Londons property boom It’s hard to put the scale of London’s property boom into words, so here are some charts | Quartz – looking at these numbers makes me feel really uneasy. Londons property boom has been fuelled by external money and a massive increase in population. There are quality of life issues that won’t deter […]