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Persuasive Technology by B.J. Fogg

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Persuasive Technology was published in 2003. It is still the bible for captology ( from Computers as Persuasive Techologies). Back when I was working inhouse at Yahoo!; copies of the book could be found on the desks of some product managers and designers. It has since gained a certain amount of notoriety. Questions are asked […]

Caribbean phone networks + more

Published: (Updated: ) in china | 中國 | 중국 | 中華, consumer behaviour | 消費者行為 | 소비자 행동, design | 設計 | 예술과 디자인 | デザイン, economics | 經濟學 | 경제학 | 経済, ethics | 倫理 | 윤리학, finance | 은행업, france | 法國 | 프랑스 | フランス, ideas | 想法 | 생각 | 考える, innovation | 革新 | 독창성 | 改変, japan |日本 | 일본, security | 保衛 | 정보 보안 | 情報セキュリティー, technology | 技術 | 기술 | テクノロジー by .

Revealed: China suspected of spying on Americans via Caribbean phone networks | US news | The Guardian – China is alleged to have used Caribbean phone networks to conduct its surveillance. I’d imagine that they aren’t the only people to do this – At the heart of the allegations are claims that China, using a state-controlled […]


Why is there a page called Bookshelf? I’ve read a good number of books, but only a subset remain on my bookshelf. For instance, I love graphic novels, but I pass them on to friends. They entertain, but in general they don’t stay on the bookshelf. When I say bookshelf that’s probably inaccurate for a […]