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Plaxo closing down +other things

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Plaxo closing down I don’t know if I hadn’t been paying attention or if it hadn’t been put out there in the media about Plaxo closing down. Prior to Plaxo closing down, it provided a valuable service by syncing your address book to people’s profile cards which they changed if they moved jobs, changed their […]

Plaxo Is the New Google?

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Plaxo is a useful addition to the arsenal of the knowledge worker. We go through lives developing thousands of connections but probably only keep in regular contact with a couple of hundred. (This is broadly in line with the Dunbar number proposed by anthropologist Robin Dunbar.) Plaxo vs. Google missions Where Google plans to organise […]

App constellation

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Fred Wilson talked about the concept of the app constellation that he distilled down to: mobile apps that share a single login and have app to app linking built in He also added the proviso that ignored gaming apps, which generally purely use integration for identity and payment. As Wilson points out this level of […]

Facebook Yahoo! patents case

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I had delayed writing about this as I had a busy run-up to Easter and just about everyone of note in the Bay Area seems to have weighed in on the Facebook Yahoo legal case over patents. Fred Wilson (aka A VC) channeled the concern that the start-up community in general over wide-ranging patents being […]

An unscientific assessment of Baidu

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Google has finally left the Chinese market for search, so I thought I would try the alternative, hence an unscientific assessment of Baidu. My trial is unscientific in nature and not particularly rigorous. I did what most consumers would have done and searched for myself. I was quite open-minded about this, on the one hand […]