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The QRcode post

Reading Time: < 1 minute A few years ago, I was involved in a project that used a QRcode across OOH (out of home) activity for a retail launch. We had it on advertising hoardings and on the back of public transport.  QRcode scanners varied in performance. In addition you had to think about: Contrast – did the code stand… Continue reading The QRcode post

Luxury QRcodes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Luxury QRcodes give advertisers the opportunities to be creative in the ‘noise’. This happens in two ways. Luxury QRcodes increase the brand footprint, allowing for more brand salience Luxury QRcodes allow for less copy on page, increasing the size of a visual advert and tagline. This allows the brand to better use the space for… Continue reading Luxury QRcodes

The futility of QRcodes on tube

Reading Time: 2 minutes Traveling on the London Underground ‘tube’ recently I have noticed that more and more adverts have a QRcode. But the trips also highlighted the futility of using a QRcode, particularly on many of the deep lines. I am not too sure if tube QRcode is a recent phenomena or that I have been paying more… Continue reading The futility of QRcodes on tube