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App constellations 2018 research

Reading Time: 4 minutes I initially looked at app constellations back in 2014, when Fred Wilson put a name to the the phenomena. And every two years or so I have gone back and looked at a number of major internet companies to see how many different types of apps that they had in play. I originally selected the… Continue reading App constellations 2018 research

June 2016 research slides

Reading Time: 2 minutes Here is a copy of the slides that I pull together (when I have the time) of publicly available data that would be of use. This is the June 2016 research slides. Google search volumes This month I have some new data around search which came from disclosures at Google I/O in terms of search… Continue reading June 2016 research slides

Emotion research paper by Facebook

Reading Time: 2 minutes Over the weekend if you went on to quality (not Buzzfeed) news sites you would have probably seen something about a scientific paper that was published by researchers in the pay of Facebook on how emotion spreads through social networks. Emotion research explainer There was a lot of copy written already about the experiment, so… Continue reading Emotion research paper by Facebook