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LBOs in Silicon Valley

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the rise of technology sector LBOs it makes sense to reflect on the Silicon Valley use of stock options and going public. In the past the Silicon Valley stock market dream was relatively simple. Hard graft with a possibility of a reward in terms of a stock market listing or a buyout by a… Continue reading LBOs in Silicon Valley

The changing culture of Silicon Valley

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have have been thinking about how platform changes are marking a changing culture in Silicon Valley. This changing culture will play not only into innovation but workplace practices. 1990s When I was in college I interviewed for a few placements, one was with Hewlett-Packard in Germany. They wanted a marketing student to look after… Continue reading The changing culture of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley corporate raiders

Reading Time: 5 minutes The origins of Silicon Valley are new, even by American standards. Over the space of one life time the area below San Francisco around the Santa Clara valley went from apricot farms and orchards to urban development based around hardware (the silicon in silicon valley) and then on to campus design sites preferred by software… Continue reading Silicon Valley corporate raiders