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Cringely on the Steve Jobs lost interview

Reading Time: < 1 minute Really interesting interview with Bob Cringely about the extended Triumph of the Nerds footage that came out this month. Cringely wrote a great synopsis of Jobs in his Accidental Empires book which was a bigger picture of Silicon Valley. By comparison, I found the Isaacson book disappointing, it was a good record of Jobs’ life,… Continue reading Cringely on the Steve Jobs lost interview

The Steve Jobs post

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was heading for bed when news started to break on Twitter, at 12:34am UK time, Apple announced on Businesswire that former CEO Steve Jobs had died and later on Apple’s own website. I am writing this on my eighth Mac at 1:15am UK time and it still doesn’t feel real. Steve Jobs as an… Continue reading The Steve Jobs post