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Charlie Rose, Tim Cook, Apple and television

Reading Time: 3 minutes Charlie Rose runs the a talk show. His show appears on the PBS network. His interviews give the public something new, without ruffling the feathers of the senior executives and celebrities that he has on his show. He is both inquisitor and coach like a defence lawyer interrogating his client at the stand. Rose studied… Continue reading Charlie Rose, Tim Cook, Apple and television

The future of television

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was watching a roundtable on The Future of Television hosted by the Aspen Institute in the US, whilst much of it was of limited interest; some of the conversations percolated with other things that have sat around in my head for a while: So here are the thoughts that I was kicking around in… Continue reading The future of television

Frances Haugen

Reading Time: 6 minutes Why Frances Haugen? Frances Haugen went from an unknown to prominence in the space of a week. Ms Haugen is the whistle blower who collaborated with the Wall Street Journal on a series of stories about Facebook.[1] Her identity became public when she appeared on US programme 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes included allegations of promoting… Continue reading Frances Haugen