The current state of where2.0

Reading Time: 1 minute Interesting Churchill Club discussion on location-based services, what has been labelled where2.0. The key take out that I took from it was the slow pace of inside wireless location-based services. I know vendors that have been at it for over a decade and companies like EADS and Ruckus Wireless. Yet, it still seems to be … Read moreThe current state of where2.0

Discussion on voice interfaces and services

Reading Time: 2 minutes Interesting discussion on the use of voice interfaces and services. There is a certain amount of cheerleading involved in the talk; but that is to be expected with vendors in the room. If found it interesting that one of the panelists; Sam Liang of AISense moved out of where2.0 services and into voice. because location … Read moreDiscussion on voice interfaces and services

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Reading Time: 2 minutes India: Huawei investigated over alleged BSNL hack | beyondbrics – one to watch to see how it develops Errata Security: That NBC story 100% fraudulent – a lot of technology media coverage is embarrassing Louis Vuitton attaches personas to men’s bags to broaden appeal – Luxury Daily – Internet V2V: What are vehicle-to-vehicle communications and … Read moreLinks of the day | 在网上找到

Taoism and the art of social media | 社会媒体学习道教

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was watching this video by Irish-Chinese film maker Edwin Lee on the refurbishment of of the Wong Tai Sin Temple in northern Kowloon and thought that it was an excellent metaphor for something I’d been looking to talk about for a while. Sik Sik Yuen is the Taoist organisation who look after the temple … Read moreTaoism and the art of social media | 社会媒体学习道教

Oprah Time: Spook Country by William Gibson

Reading Time: 1 minute I read Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk works a decade ago and felt it was time to visit Gibson’s more recent work. I am not reading them in order, just as they come off the shelf. Spook Country is set in a world similar to the one that we know and features a future-gazing advertising agency seeking … Read moreOprah Time: Spook Country by William Gibson