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Discussion on voice interfaces and services

Reading Time: 2 minutes Interesting discussion on the use of voice interfaces and services. There is a certain amount of cheerleading involved in the talk; but that is to be expected with vendors in the room. If found it interesting that one of the panelists; Sam Liang of AISense moved out of where2.0 services and into voice. because location… Continue reading Discussion on voice interfaces and services

8K resolution & other things

Reading Time: 2 minutes NHK unveils 8K tech | TelecomAsia – of course the challenge is having a TV big enough to make 8K worthwhile. 4K is the height of digital experience at the moment. If you go to watch a film in the West End on a digital projector, you will be watching 4K rather than 8K images. Secondly… Continue reading 8K resolution & other things

Fuerdai futures + other news

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fuerdai ‘Fuerdai’ groomed to become China’s next business leaders|WantChinaTimes.com – damned if they do, damned if they don’t kind of scenario looking at the criticism online. Fuerdai or ‘rich second generation’ are the children of China’s nouveau riche. Their parents were called ‘tuhao’ and were known for their over the top consumption. This trait has… Continue reading Fuerdai futures + other news