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rc started off as an experiment to find out about the capabilities of blogging by trying, originally it was postings on the AlwaysOn Network, a Blogspot blog and a now dead blog that was hosted on Yahoo! Small Business Hosting with my own URL. Relatively early on I roped in a couple of journalist friends who contributed a couple of items, but despite pretending otherwise its just the effort of one person.

Every day, to earn my daily bread I go to the market where lies are bought. Hopefully, I take up my place among the sellers. - Bertolt Brecht

I am a marketer, living in London (on and off for the past 16 years, living in between in Hong Kong) delivering programmes for a communications agencies and their client base, so back in 2003 it made sense to find out about blogs as a way of directly communicating with public audiences. I pass on digital skills as part of the Econsultancy training team, was a contributing author to The Social Media MBA, do public speaking and have been a business adviser to an architectural studio based in Shenzhen, China. All of these things keep me on my toes.

Prior to falling into this game I worked in a number of roles, from McDonald’s prep rooms building racks of frozen chips for frying, to heading a shift team in an oil refinery and a brief spell in marketing for financial institutions.

Probably the role that was closest to my heart was club DJ, because of my love of music. I still like to step behind the wheels of steel and play the latest jackin’ cuts with some classics and some surprises just to keep people guessing.

I guess this kind of gives you an idea of the lens through which I view the world when I write the posts:

  • An inquisitive nature
  • A love of reading instilled by my parents
  • An engineers view of quality from my Dad
  • Being a stranger-in-a-strange-land having come from an Irish household in the middle of the UK
  • A contrary outlook on life coming from being an only child
  • Being a counter-culture fanboy

I found my way into technology mainly because I wasn’t afraid of it, rather than any real ability. I learned about technology in a very hands on way because there wasn’t any budget for an IT department in many of the early companies where I worked. I got experience on Macs, mainframes, DEC VAX mini-computers IBM and SGI UNIX boxes during five years or so in industry. I had my first email address early in 1994. In the tradition of the early net, I was a number rather than a name. I also managed to send my first spam email pretty soon after as I tried to offload some unwanted Marks and Spencers’ vouchers on my unsuspecting colleagues, back then people were more concerned that I was creating and selling counterfeit vouchers (I wasn’t, but then I would say that wouldn’t I?) rather than the act of spamming itself.

I took up technology that made a difference to my life: pagers, mobile phones, PDAs and Mac laptops.

I am not very talented in the programming skills area, but was self-taught to write macros in Lotus 1-2-3 to automate stuff, but that was well over over a decade ago and I have forgotten more in that time than I’ll ever know again.

Why renaissance chambara?

If you need to ask about the name you just won’t get it, just roll with it and we’ll be in like flynn.

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