So Simple Anybody Could Have Thought of it….

Reading Time: 1 minute But they didn’t. Coca Cola is a brand that is an icon, the visual language of the logo font is instantly recognisable. It also harks back to the 30-year old campaign of I’d to buy the world a Coke. So why these haven’t adverts haven’t been run before is beyond me.Last year’s Coke adverts were … Read moreSo Simple Anybody Could Have Thought of it….

e-Commerce grows up

Reading Time: 1 minute The New York Times ‘A Retail Revolution Turns 10‘ feature is a concise warts-and-all history of how Amazon grew to become the dominant player in e-commerce. Bezos unlike his contemporaries has not been replaced as the head of his company is shown to be a major issue and a major asset at the same time.The … Read moree-Commerce grows up


Reading Time: 1 minute In an interesting turn of events both Wired News and equity analyst Safa Rashtchy of Piper Jaffray in the latest issue of its Silk Road newsletter wrote articles that showed the success story of eBay is starting to develop cracks. Power Sellers are looking to alternative outlets, onerous fees, online fraud, a desire for a … Read moreeBowed

Consultant heal thyself

Reading Time: 1 minute The Knowledge@Emory’s European Business Forum has an interesting feature (you can download the PDF here) which talks about the uncertain future of management consultants. Part of the problem is how can the phenomenal growth exhibited by the likes of McKinsey over the past two decades can be sustained in the next two decades? The prevalence … Read moreConsultant heal thyself

Are US brands taking an asswhooping from American foreign policy?

Reading Time: 3 minutes This should have been the title for an article that appeared in the Financial Times over the Christmas period called Tarnished Image: is the world falling out of love with US brands (paid subscription required). The article does not reach a conclusion that this is the case, despite a call to boycott by many in … Read moreAre US brands taking an asswhooping from American foreign policy?