Free as in Beer

Reading Time: 1 minute is a US marketing company (that is related to Gratis Internet) that drives consumers to sign up to free trials of products and services by bribing consumers with a free iPod. The BBC Newsnight programme covered it last night and Wired News ran a story on the issues that the company was having sending … Read moreFree as in Beer

The Mouse That Roared

Reading Time: 6 minutes Interesting article on how Walt Disney is dragging its marketing and licencing deals for merchandising into the modern age from the New York Times (August 30, 2004). Despite Disney being a cultural bohemeth, it is amazing how reactive approach they had taken previously. It also makes you wonder wthether this new commercial reality will prevail … Read moreThe Mouse That Roared

Interfluff Global Brands & Other Stuff

Reading Time: 1 minute Interfluff has teamed up with Business Week to launch its global brand league table again. The table is avidly read by marketers and loved by journalists as a reference, but how much of it is meaningful. If you auctioned off the brands in the morning how close would you get to the monetary value quoted … Read moreInterfluff Global Brands & Other Stuff

Move over Panini and TopTrumps

Reading Time: 1 minute Remember when you used to get a sticker album and yet could never complete it, or play top trumps to avoid doing your homework. Well relive your childhood with these funky collectors cards sets for kids from the Center for Disease Control and prevention in Atlanta. Featuring such classic diseases as Avian Flu, HIV, West … Read moreMove over Panini and TopTrumps