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I like: 100 secrets of Mackintosh

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Waterproof coat brand Mackintosh have released a really interesting project where they have interviewed a hundred taste-makers about the brand. The focus of this campaign seems to be the Japanese market. Tyler Brûlé kicks it off with a video that talks about the authenticity of the brand its role in the community where it was founded.

Mackintosh by its example shows up other heritage luxury brands, who get their authenticity from their marketing departments and their product lines half-a-world away. Or have global supply chains that ship product or factory workers half-way around the world for token finishing touches in the home country as a fig leave to authenticity.

The video is on YouTube which may not be accessible by all readers.

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Mr. Pizza in Korea

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Pizza in Korea is a unique experience compared to other countries:

  • Packaging – unlike the UK or most other countries I have been to for that matter, pizza can come in a four-colour patterned box. Part of the reason for this is cultural, Korea like Japan puts a lot of emphasis on presentation of products from product packaging design to the fit and finish of clothing. A second reason for the quality of the packaging is intense domestic competition: in addition to food mega-corporations like Pizza Hut and Dominos Korea also has its own giant brand: Mr. Pizza with 350 branches in South Korea

Mr. Pizza

  • Product – whilst UK pizzas follow US influences at the low end of the market and faux foodie Italian accents for ‘posh’ pizzas, Korean pizza options incorporate local foods including kimchi and bulgogi on the menu

About Mr. Pizza
Mr. Pizza was founded in 1990. They have one branch in the US, one in Vietnam, 15 in China and some 350 branches in South Korea.

Mr. Pizza created a mockumentary  video The true origins of pizza as a satirical viral campaign to promote their brand, (presumably internationally). However it did touch a nerve amongst other Asian countries as it’s similarity to Korean nationalist fringes meant that some of the film’s satire was lost to the audience.

The company looked to further differentiate itself to eat-in diners by developing a new store format and sub-brand called MIPIHAUS. The concept of MIPIHAUS is to mix an art gallery environment with a pizza restaurant. MIPI is a contraction of Mr. Pizza and the HAUS is a reference to the Bauhaus art movement.

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I like: Toyota Google Tour

Reading Time: < 1 minute

I really like this direct marketing campaign by Australian agency MercerBell for Toyota’s Camry Hybrid. They used digitally printed direct mail piece drops to send consumers to Google themselves. They had bought Google keywords for the consumers name and advertised against it (presumably for a short window based on when the mail would land). Consumers were sent to where they could book a test drive or find out more about the car.

I like the use of data and the integration between offline and online marketing tapping into people’s basic curiosity about themselves. There is a case study video on Vimeo that some readers may not be able to watch due to their location.