Tight Fit

Reading Time: 1 minute Global Telecoms Business‘ top five stories email had this classic in it today: According to a report from Sweden, tight pockets are one the biggest hazards faced by mobile phones. The survey of over 300 Swedish retailers found that the squeezing by tight jeans was the second biggest causer of breakages, higher than rain, toilets, […]

Digital Downtime

Reading Time: 1 minute My friend Ian who is an evangelist for all things mobile has posted some comments on the impact that more connectivity has on extending working hours. I agree with Ian about the enslavement of employees by Blackberry. I would also add that the speed of response could also affect the quality of the response as […]

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants and iPod Bubbles

Reading Time: 2 minutes Digital natives is a generational term rather like generation x which is starting to hit the mainstream. A digital native is someone who has growth up in close contact with computers Mark Prensky hypothesised and found some proof to indicate that these people absorb and process information in a different manner to those of us […]

Back to Basics

Reading Time: 1 minute I am reasonably tech savvy, I have been on email for ten years and used a mobile phone number for a decade and a half. However I have found myself sliding my mobile technology back in time. Last year I had a 3 mobile phone, on the UK’s first 3G network. It was shocking. I […]

Tribes, youth marketing and Japan

Reading Time: 7 minutes I thought I would flag up a couple of articles on youth culture and spending power. First up is the FT’s article on Japan, my initial thoughts on this was that it is deemed ok for men to be collectors of watches, model trains sets, art, records etc in the west, with the weekend edition […]