Despite the dross, web still useful

Reading Time: 1 minute The New York Times has an interesting article how consumers are simply replacing Windows PCs that are cluttered with spy/mal/ad-ware. The article Corrupted PCs find new home in dumpsters highlighted a number of cases included an internet industry professional, a doctor (who migrated to the Mac OS X platform), a stockbroker and a bank manager. … Read moreDespite the dross, web still useful

Y U Consume?

Reading Time: 1 minute Knowledge@Emory has an interesting article for marketers about targeting consumers. Sounding like something out of the 1950s ‘Tactics To Tackle The Teen Market’ has some interesting case studies and common sense outtakes. In summary: US ‘generation Y’ consumers (born late 1980s and 1990s) were responsible for spending 169 billion USD A lack of parental time … Read moreY U Consume?

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Redux

Reading Time: 2 minutes For a while now, there has been a lot of weight in the marketing community about the different ways in which younger generations consume information and use technology. Allegedly they like to surf incomprehensible websites, love gadgets, have their own language, listen to the radio, watch the TV and surf at the same time. Older … Read moreDigital Natives, Digital Immigrants Redux

Young consumers reject converged devices allegedly

Reading Time: 1 minute According to research by Mobeon Labs (via netimperative), 16-19 year olds are mostly likely to use SMS and voice on their phones rather than MP3 players, radios or video messaging. In addition, they do not understand the services offered by carriers or see much difference between operators. All the expensive brand-building work done by the … Read moreYoung consumers reject converged devices allegedly

Tight Fit

Reading Time: 1 minute Global Telecoms Business‘ top five stories email had this classic in it today: According to a report from Sweden, tight pockets are one the biggest hazards faced by mobile phones. The survey of over 300 Swedish retailers found that the squeezing by tight jeans was the second biggest causer of breakages, higher than rain, toilets, … Read moreTight Fit