A site named Sue

Reading Time: 2 minutes When Johnny Cash sung A Boy named Sue, he knew the value of a name. I thought of Johnny Cash, when I was reading danah boyd’s blog. danah talked about her new car and the way she named it and I thought about my first ride. My first car was a dilapidated Fiat 500 called … Read moreA site named Sue

Web Trends

Reading Time: < 1 minute Trendwatching in this month’s briefing had collated some useful statistics: In the US, almost USD 400 billion of store sales (16% of total retail sales) are directly influenced by the web as consumers research products online and purchase them offline (Forrester Research) UK sales online are over 4 billion GBP per month (Brand Republic) 2006 … Read moreWeb Trends

De ja mobile

Reading Time: 2 minutes Back in November 2000 I went to a conference hosted by Capgemini (then Cap Gemini Ernst & Young) third annual global telecom event A World of Change: Developing Winning Strategies in a Connected Society. The key part of this event was the findings of a survey done by Capgemini and accountancy firm Ernst & Young … Read moreDe ja mobile

Well that’s blown it

Reading Time: 2 minutes I read Tom Coates post on flickr and made me think that I had seen a seminal moment in the world of PR and social media. In fact, the last time I felt like this, was in April 2000 when I had just done a meeting with an incubator fund and had been confronted with … Read moreWell that’s blown it

Its not them, it’s us

Reading Time: < 1 minute Filed under: marketing, consumer, design, business, consumer behaviour, electronics, technology — renaissancechambara @ 10:28 pm Commodore Vic 20 Originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. I got forwarded an interesting link from AdAge.com ‘Americans Spend an Average of $1,200 Annually on Gadgets — but Don’t Understand Much of the Tech They’re Buying‘ that highlighted research about consumers and … Read moreIts not them, it’s us