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Octopus contactless payment system

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Octopus is a smartcard payment and ticket system rolled out in Hong Kong on the local mass transit system what the locals call the MTR.

McDonald's till

However the card system is also fast becoming a local electronic payments system covering everything from the 7-Eleven convenience store purchases, cinema tickets and a Happy Meal at the neighbourhood McDonalds.

Octopus is attacking more established payment systems like Visa and Mastercard at the bottom end of the market. As it becomes more ubiquitous the network effect will kick in lowering the transaction cost on Octopus, allowing it to squeeze paper money and coins out of everyday purchases.

Octopus is the kind of success story that people in the mobile payments sector should be looking at to see how they can further expand their businesses.

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Out and about: Tsui Wah Restaurant, Central District, Hong Kong

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Tsui Wah is a regular sight here in Hong Kong with 13 branches around the place. It provides good quality food at a reasonable price. It has a menu that covers Chinese dishes, Malaysian curries and western food.

Tsui Wah restaurant Wellington Street Central Hong Kong

Vegetarians are catered for too, I enjoyed a nice vegetable curry with a fried egg and rice. However, my personal favourites from the menu are its milk tea made with Black & White condensed milk and strong enough to stand your spoon up in together with toasted bun covered in condensed milk.

The ambiance is a mix of US diner and a canteen, with the chefs cooking in an open ‘short order’-style kitchen and busy waiting staff who keep the service snappy.

Tsui Wah Restaurant
Ground – 2nd Floor
15-19 Wellington Street
Hong Kong

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Interesting consumer health advertising campaign

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Whilst traveling on Hong Kong’s MTR service I noticed an advert for some sort of baby food-related product from Wyeth. The reason why I sound a bit vague at this point is that I can’t read or speak any Chinese dialect.

The one bit of the advert that stood out for me was a brief clip at the end of the video being screened where a search box appeared and ‘biofactors’ was typed in.

I got back home and tried the search term using Google’s Hong Kong search engine front page , I have taken a screenshot of the SERP (search engine results page) below. Wyeth used Google Adwords to get the number one paid position on the page.

biofactors Google SERP

Clicking on this link takes you through to a local product site.

Wyeth Gold product site

This approach had a number of advantages:

  • Wyeth was able to maximise brand engagement with consumers who had seen the ad, by giving them just one thing to remember: the search term
  • Wyeth is able to use the search click-through rate as a proxy for the brand recall, efficiency and effectiveness of the adverts
  • Wyeth was able to have a cost-effective online advertising strategy by narrowing down the list of keywords which they needed to bid against and make the maximum use of a low value keyword rather than higher-priced generic words
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Jargon Watch: NINJA

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I was watching a lecture on TVB Pearl by The Open University of Hong Kong: Financial Tsunami and Asia’s Emergence as a Global Leader and they used the phrase NINJA to describe western consumers who were the lowest grade of home loan risk. NINJA stood for ‘no income, no job or assets’.

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Now until early February – Hong Kong or Shenzhen: Meet-up, coffee, socialising, networking & cultural stuff

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I am based out of Shenzhen from now until the end of January when I will send a couple of days in Hong Kong before returning to the UK. I will try and get across more often to Hong Kong, if I can get entry visas back into China easily.

I am happy to meet up to catch up with local friends, drink copious amounts of coffee, design | contemporary culture-related things and general networking. My contact details whilst I am here are:

Mobile: Hong Kong – +852 53754700, China – +86 15018954700

Email: renaissancechambara <at> –  I am sure that you can work this one out.