Five for Friday | 五日(星期五) | 금요일에 다섯 가지

Things that made my day this week:

Catching up with fellow former Yahoos. We kicked around the move away from quality in online media, historic ‘pirated television reception’ in Ireland, the worrying state of brand marketing and new ventures. If you are looking for high-quality male grooming products Charles has been working on Scrubd.

tres Yahoo! deliquentes

Andrew Tuck tells the Monocle story on the Mediamasters podcast. Really interesting origin story – what’s interesting is the contrarian thinking of Tyler Brûlé.

Great interview with Roger Smith about the wonders of mechanical watch.

Smith worked with Dr. George Daniels who invented the co-axial movement which has been a major step forward in mechanical watch making – changing the way power is delivered that is more efficient and can improve accuracy.

Smith is exceptionally articulate about the technical differences of the different watches from high accuracy quartz watches to classic Rolex and Omega movements.

Antonio Da Silva’s Hell’s Night where famous film characters interact in one night club stunned me when I saw it a few years ago. In the meantime he did a sequel and has had time to work on the colour grading of the video to make it even more mesmerising.

Hell’s Club

Hell’s Club Two

Finally I am surprised that this was something I hadn’t heard already – what if the late great Terry Wogan had listened to Skibadee or MC GQ vintage mixtapes and Rinse FM? Peter Serafiniwicz channels The TWOG$.





ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우

Alternatives to Big Tech, and a t-shirt | Creative Good – I’d argue that you could use Apple’s default iCloud account and MacOS apps. Mark Hurst recommends Safari or FireFox but ignores, and

Nice little Nesta egg: Former lottery quango took £7m from Google • The Registerdetails of Google’s influence in European academic life are detailed in a report by the Campaign for Accountability (CfA), an initiative part-funded by Google’s competitors. Google turned out to be the only corporate sponsor of think tank Readie, the Research Alliance for a Digital Europe, hosted at Nesta.

Is Joplin a Serious Open Source Evernote Alternative? Hackernoon – this could be very interesting

The US is getting Facebook Lite, a service designed for developing countries — Quartz – think about this before banging on about: cloud, IoT and 5G

LVMH’s Private Equity Firm is Banking on the Power of Korean Culture — The Fashion Law – its ironic given how few brands sell in Korea (which has in turn fuelled demand for fakes) that LVMH is putting so much weight on the country

Understanding China’s Rise Under Xi Jinping — By The Honourable Kevin Rudd – probably one fo the best essays that I have read on China from a macro perspective

VW Just Gave Tesla a $25 Billion Battery Shock – probably the best argument that I’ve read for super capacitor and hydrogen fuel cell technology due to the shortage of cobalt. Lithium prices have also inflated massively over the past few years

Nike, McDonald’s jump on China mobile gaming craze to entice young consumers | South China Morning Post

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五) | 금요일에 다섯 가지

Things that made my day this week

Dr. Penelope Boston: “Seeking the Tricorder: The Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life” | Talks at Google – YouTube – interesting challenges in terms of identification, methodology and analysis

The new Roxanne Shanté biopic looks amazing and you know the soundtrack is going to be good

The South China Morning Post have launched a news site for an international audience focused on the Chinese technology sector – Abacus. Its a nice looking site and a good team, but it doesn’t have an RSS feed which is a real bummer.

Unsupported | The Greatest Stories Retold – interesting attempts at really short form storytelling. It doesn’t work well in Safari as a web browser.

Re-evaluating Media is a piece of research put together that tried to rebalance expectations on more traditional media. Whilst there was room to land meaningful points (TV is better at mass reach for a given CPM), and there is an argument to be made for a media neutral approach where the media mix fits the communications problem to be solved. Instead they made bigger leaps and had a methodology that was optimistic at best – this became the focus of debate among people that I knew.

ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우

Is Time Running Out for the Swiss Watch Industry? – WSJ – low-end part of the business threatened by digital disruption but not the higher end

Positive acceptance: a reinterpretation of Japanese ‘millennials’ | Analysis | Campaign Asia – 78% are disinclined to save money, meaning big-ticket items like houses, cars or even holidays are low on the agenda. While young people have rarely ever been enthusiastic savers, Harris suggested this could be an unconscious effort to resist “inevitable life changes that they don’t necessarily want”—i.e. responsibilities that make them less flexible.

ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우

US Army’s SNES M.A.C.S Rifle Training Program – The Firearm Blog – surreal. Call of Duty takes on a whole darker turn

Tablet Magazine’s 100 Most Jewish Foods List – via our Matt – just beautiful

The Number of Counterfeits Seized in the U.S. Grew by Almost 10% Last Year — The Fashion Law  – “The merchandise category with the highest number of seizures continued to be apparel and accessories, resulting in approximately 15 percent of all seizures in FY2017.” These products included both trademark infringing and counterfeit luxury products, including those posing as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Hermes, are routinely some of the most heavily copied

“I’m Quitting Social Media”: Will We See a Shift in Platform Use in 2018? | Brandwatch – Twitter and Snapchat are disproportionally large in comparison to their adoption

C L A S S I C Typeface By Particle (Gao Yang) | THEINSPIRATION.COM – really nice idea

Royal Bank of Scotland CMO David Wheldon: More marketing will go in-house – Digiday – I’m not sure there was ever a bygone era when agencies enjoyed a great relationship with the top of the house, but what the consultants have now is the C-suite relationships, a deep understanding of technology and a deep understanding of the digitization of our services. It’s not too much of a leap for them to think they can help with the advertising part of that mix

Get On This Soapbox | The Daily | L2 – the case for tactical (but not necessarily realtime) social

Qualcomm Replaces Chairman Jacobs with Independent Director – Barron’s – interesting move

All LinkedIn Members | LinkedIn Help – LinkedIn assets relating to GDPR