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Harbin beer and Starcom join hands to push China’s e-Sports | Marketing Interactive

Brands are learning millennials’ language for luxury: “organic,” “sustainable,” “ethical” — Quartz – oh god

Owl Labs Meeting Owl – cute product design for… – I am reminded of the wood cut faces on the beneath the facias of old Nokia 5110 handsets

Macron wants limits on Chinese investments, takeovers in Europe’s strategic industries – smart move, there is a strong case for a ‘China reciprocity law’ forcing technology transfer to the EU and restricting investment in strategic industries

Unstoppable at home, Ramdev’s Patanjali gets a reality check in Nepal | Quartz – Ramdev’s products have given the likes of Unilever a scare in India, interesting to see his brand has limits

Inside Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Comeback | WIRED – interesting article on two levels. Firstly, Microsoft’s approach and direction on AI, secondly the classic approach to storytelling from a PR perspective. Not surprisingly they are focused on Facebook and Google

Group M downgrades UK ad growth forecast in part due to brand safety fears | Campaign LiveAdvertisers are increasingly taking a more measured view toward digital as they grapple with developing data strategies; setting more coherent objectives; attribution considerations; increased brand safety and accountability expectations and the appreciating trade-off between risk, price and performance

Americans won’t wait more than four minutes for a slightly less disgusting hamburger | Quartz – which funnily enough was the time that the McDonald’s restaurant I worked in for six weeks at the start of my working career aimed to surpass

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Things that made my day this week:

Publicis’ technology infrastructure vision for a more flexible agile business. So much in here to unpack including an unintentional dystopian vision of future work life.

I went along to watch Linda Yueh chair a discussion on Brexit at the London Business School

Notes from #lbsbrexit session chaired by Linda Yueh

10 years ago Steve Jobs launched the iPhone

Beyond Good and Evil trailer

Download More than 2,500 Images of Vibrant Japanese Woodblock Prints and Drawings From the Library of Congress | Colossal


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The Political Kindling of the Grenfell Fire – The Atlantic – Britain has slipped to sixth in the economic rankings. Yet either position, fifth or sixth, is misleading: Broadly speaking, Britain is an economically average country, with one exceptionally rich region—London, which is reportedly home to more multimillionaires and billionaires than any other city in the world, and serves as the country’s economic engine. Of the EU’s 15 strongest economies, none rely as heavily on one area as the U.K. does: London’s per capita GDP is almost two and a half times Britain’s national average. But London’s enviable self-confidence, its robust financial services sector, and glittering facade, obscure the devastating inequality that plagues the U.K. While the city is Britain’s lone representative among the 10 richest regions in northern Europe, the country also includes a stunning nine of northern Europe’s 10 poorest regions. – One paragraph deflation of British hubris that underpins the likes of the Leave campaign and a great argument for London becoming a city state.

Cathay Pacific still ranks among top five airlines in the world, with other Hong Kong carriers also taking home accolades | South China Morning Post – despite all the problems

WATANABE KATSUMI: “GANGS OF KABUKICHO” | #ASX – amazing portrait images

China’s total number of cinema screens now exceeds the US | Marketing Interactive – why Hollywood makes odd casting and big spectacle films

Apple Culture After Ten Years of iPhone – Monday Note – The First Trillion Dollars is Always the Hardest

P&G Malaysia goes on LINE to grow online following | Marketing Interactive – probably very big in Thailand for this as well

The Car Was Repossessed, but the Debt Remains – The New York Times – For low-income Americans, the fallout could, in some ways, be worse than the mortgage crisis. With mortgages, people could turn in the keys to their house and walk away. But with auto debt, there is increasingly no exit. Repossession, rather than being the end, is just the beginning. “Low-income earners are shackled to this debt,” said Shanna Tallarico, a consumer lawyer with the New York Legal Assistance Group

Why is Japanese customer service so amazing? Because in Japan it’s one strike and you’re out | SoraNews24

China’s Biggest Gaming ‘Whales’ Are Werewolves — The Information – I was introduced to Werewolf in the early noughties by some of my geekier friends

Sunrise preps 2G switch-off | total telecom – interesting move by the Swiss carrier. Greater focus on in-building and long distance performance of LTE

WPP folds Neo@Ogilvy into Mindshare | Campaign Asia – interesting move to bring all paid media inside GroupM

Tim Cook was right to fight the FBI | TheNextWeb

Minecraft’s New 4K Textures Don’t Even Look Like Minecraft | Extreme Tech

It’s business, and it’s personal: How Amazon Web Services decides to enforce non-compete contracts – GeekWire – sounds like most non-compete clauses

Robots are doing the work of $326,000-a-year Goldman Sachs employees – Axios

Roam like at home? Not so fast – POLITICO – interesting exceptions

Targeting and the F3EAD Process | Havok Journal – interesting perspective with key focus of reducing time to insight and action

Design in the Era of the Algorithm | Big Medium

Investors step in to play risky role of lender | WSJ City – at what point does this become similar to China’s shadow banking practices?

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Politico has got a great way of processing shares of charts and diagrams, take for example this chart on UK post-Brexit inflation driving the UK towards a brecession

It includes responsive formatting

Nestle mulling sale of its nearly US$1 bn confectionary business in the US | SCMP – really interesting move that shows Nestle following a trend that PepsiCo tried to go down a number of years ago

Dentsu Aegis Second Big Shop To Downgrade 2017 Ad Expansion | Mediapost

7 of the top 10 smartphone suppliers headquartered in China | Electroniq

Common Sense: Did the Jack Welch Model Sow Seeds of G.E.’s Decline? | New York Times – interesting read, I wonder whether this will discredit other parts of ‘Neutron’ Jack’s legacy

Busting Thieves One Dyetonator At A Time |

Nokia Touts NPU for Internet’s Next Chapter | EE Times

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week:

Louis Vuitton’s personalisation feature is really interesting. It brings NikeID magic to their retail experience. I think that it will also impact secondhand sales – flair is much more of a personal decision.

Scott Galloway manages to get his academic colleague Adam Alter to highlight some of the techniques used to make apps as digital catnip

The soundtrack of my week has been this mix by Jennifer Cardini

This is probably old news, but it was the first time that I noticed it in my feed. Instagram has an email collection facility that reminded me of Twitter cards. Its a great idea that can help tie Instagram engagement closer to e-commerce sales


Flickr has been tweaking its design and has improved its search. These changes have largely happened under the radar. In my experience, the biggest move was that the ‘camera roll’ has been depreciated in menu positions so that you no longer click on it by accident. It’s good to see the continual improvements in a time of substantial change at Yahoo! / Oath or whatever Verizon calls it. Flickr talked about the changes it made to the user’s profile page on its blog.


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How a crippling shortage of analysts let the London Bridge attackers through | UK news | The Guardian

The blockchain paradox: Why distributed ledger technologies may do little to transform the economy — Oxford Internet Institute

How to prevent the UK’s self-destruction | HKEJ Insights – Jim O’Neill on the state of Britain

Q&A with Connie Chan | Techinasia – Connie works at A16z and really gets the Chinese eco-system better than anyone else on Sandhill Road

In Pakistan, China presses built-in advantage for ‘Silk Road’ contracts – Reuters – China’s advantage isn’t IP, price or product but willingness to deploy cheap capital fast

WWDC 2017 — Some Thoughts – Learning By Shipping – interesting analysis – Steven Sinofsky was a senior executive at Microsoft

Tech Fix: New iPad Pro Inches Toward Replacing PC, but Falls Short | New York Times – I still think of the iPad as predominantly a content consumption device. Whilst it can be great with apps for specific work, it isn’t a general purpose device like a Mac

Aldi fires $3.4 billion shot in US supermarket wars | RTE – really interesting move with huge potential impact for FMCG brands

‘Nobody at Yahoo understood Tumblr’: Why Marissa Mayer’s big bet on Tumblr never panned out – eerily reminiscent of Flickr, experience in many respects

US intelligence agencies are beginning to build AI spies | Quartz – not surprising they would want to hand off first line analysis on data to machines

Indoor GPS could stop us getting lost – and make us spend more money | CityMetric – indoor navigation still feels clunky

Women have no idea what to wear to work today — Quartz – ironically they are too illiberal for men’s clothing

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The One Big Reason Why BuzzFeed Needs to Break Into TV – Bloomberg – so much for the online media business…. old media is the new sexy

Tom Oberheim On The Art Of Synthesizer Design | Synthtopia – amazing interview with Tom Oberheim on how he got into synthesiser design and talks about his products

Haul For One: U-Haul Adapts & Reuses Abandoned Buildings | Urbanist – some of these are stunning for a modernist sucker like me

What influencer marketing really costs – Digiday – interesting ranges in here

Apple’s new anti-tracking system will make Google and Facebook even more powerful – The Verge – a more marginal improvement than you’d think

Apple Just Joined Tech’s Great Race to Democratize AI | WIRED

Why Apple is struggling to become an artificial-intelligence powerhouse – The Washington Post – Washington Post was bought by Jeff Bezos

Entertainment Accounts Closed as Party Emphasizes News Control | China Digital Times – China clamping down on celebrity scandal accounts as well as accounts that would be disruptive to government

Pathology of a Fake News Story – Thoughts On Journalism – Medium

Apple launches Business Chat for iMessage in developer preview | VentureBeat – looks like they have been taking a lesson or two from WeChat

Facebook study shows what TV viewers are doing during commercial breaks | silicon beat

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DARPA Funds Development of New Type of Processor | EE Times

Car Fact Of The Day | Marginal Revolution – Huge increase in complexity in cars

I, Cringely The Robots are Coming! – I, Cringely – interesting read, but one that poses as much challenges as solutions

Russian malware link hid in a comment on Britney Spears’ Instagram | Engadget – really canny technique

Can These Pornographers End ‘MILFs,’ ‘Teens,’ and ‘Thugs’? | The Nation – when I was working on social search and folksonomies at Yahoo! a decade ago, little did I expect how low the world of tagging would fall

WWII vehicle boneyards were essentially war machine landfills | Mashable  – Americans were so eager to get their hands on cheap surplus Jeeps that auto companies urged the government to leave them overseas, fearing they would cut into new car sales.

Apple is finally serious about artificial intelligence | Quartz – i’d disagree with the headline, but it has a good overview of the AI development pieces from Apple’s keynote

China’s Operation Australia: payments, power and politicians | Sydney Morning Herald – surely its what you’d expect an intelligence agency to do. Not really surprising, except for the change in tonality from Australia about China

The Telegraph to publish daily edition on Snapchat – from 5pm today – I wonder what the monetisation model looks like?

Chinese consumerism will reshape the world, and maybe even destroy it — Quartz – anything to do with China is the speed at which all this has occurred. What would the outcomes of that speed be? People wouldn’t have as many brand associations. Those brand associations would have built up in relatively short amount of time, as opposed to [being] handed down intergenerationally. Because of that speed, the amount of anxiety about having the right brand would be greater in that environment than in a place where this is unfolding slowly. Interesting also that Gerth talks about the right (communist) brands under Mao when people wanted a bike, a sewing machine and a wrist watch. I would also argue that there was latent knowledge of brands from pre-revolutionary times in older people based in Shanghai or historic brands like Tongrentang (TRT) founded in 1669

Network Time Protocol Hardened To Protect Users From Spying, Increase Privacy – Slashdot

Listen and create ambient sounds easily – Ambient Mixer – great for sounds to work by

An aversion to logos could be Essential’s undoing | total telecom – its even more ridiculous that Essential actually have a logo that evokes Paul Rand and Saul Bass

Google vs. Uber: How One Engineer Sparked a War – WSJ – interesting write up of Andrew Levandowski’s role in it. I didn’t realise he was Belgian and its interesting how Google Street View helped birth its autonomous car project

Pinboard Blog – Pinboard acquires – a certain amount of irony in this which I’ll write about another time

Japan puts up satellite in step to build homegrown GPS- Nikkei Asian Review – Quasi-zenith devices to allow location data accurate to 6cm

Andy Rubin’s new company already got screwed by Apple – BGRAlthough Apple didn’t object to the investment, SoftBank didn’t want the conflict to happen

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week

Scott Galloway and Adam Alter on smartphone addiction

The Hood Internet have done an amazing four minute edit of forty years of hip hop. It’s razor sharp precision

BBH Shanghai have created a beautiful ad for Audi China which features science fiction author Hao Jing Fang.

Louis Vuitton have been doing a lot of forward thinking content and events. Whilst this video is beautifully shot, it feels retro by comparison to other things that they’ve done

Carhartt Work In Progress created this great skate video in Italy

AZZURRO from Carhartt Work In Progress on Vimeo.

10 most popular posts – January to June 2017

# Title Notes
1 Living with the Casio GWF -D1000 Frogman watch Casio took their Frogman watch and improved it even further. Some of the technology is interesting mainly because they’ve managed to run it all off a diminutive solar panel. The bigger changes for me was moving world time from the ‘home screen’ and reengineering how the strap is fastened to the case in a much more robust manner

Louis Vuitton, Supreme and the tangled relationship between streetwear and luxury brands

Louis Vuitton has been dragged into the 21st century by its creative director. A collaboration with Supreme seems logical in retrospect for so many reasons

Richard Edelman is wrong, PR isn’t at a crossroads…

Richard Edelman commented on the trend for large marketing groups to consolidate PR agencies and integrate PR offerings into a larger marketing services stack. This mirrors changes that Edelman’s own company has gone through as multiple disciplines close in on a marketing singularity

It’s time that we talk about micro-influencers

Looking past the hype of micro-influencers to work out how it fits with brand planning scenarios

Magic Lantern Festival, Chiswick House Gardens

Chiswick hosted a lunar new year oriented lantern festival similar to what you’d seen in Hong Kong and across China

Oprah Time: Blood and Faith – the purging of muslim Spain (1492 – 1614) by Matthew Carr

I’d picked up Blood and Faith in the Prado museum on a trip to Madrid. Book shops like these often give a clue to how a country wants to be perceived and in Spain’s case this mean’t being open about history

Have we reached peak streetwear?

A follow-on post from my jog down memory lane about luxury and streetwear. I started thinking about it in terms of a market in its own right

Great interview with Adam Curtis

Curtis’ narrative fitted in really well with the overall environment of fake news and a malleable post-modern reality

The crowdfunded product problem with PopSlate as an unfortunate case study

PopSlate going under was a timely point for me to examine the extreme challenges that crowdfunded hardware projects face

On Pam Edstrom

Waggener Edstrom (WE Communications) co-founder passed away. I added my little addendum to this piece of PR history

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week:

Mary Meeker’s 2017 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis | Recode

The Reflex remixes Gil Scott Heron

Scatman Ultraman

Surreal and manic

A post shared by DJ STYLEWARZ (@stylewarz) on

Kouhei Nakama | Design & Motion – really nice 3D animations

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Luxury Brands Leave Youku in Favor of China’s Younger Video Platforms | L2

Russian internet giant Yandex shows off its self-driving car | Engadget

Ambition: Exploring the digital marketing revolution – interview with Philip Kotler

Ambition: Mastering mobile internet strategy in China by Winston Ma – nice white paper that looks at cinema’s role in reaching customers as part of an omnichannel approach

The Surprising Repercussions of Making AI Assistants Sound Human | WIRED – interesting nuances of voice interface design

Pipes – Yahoo! Pipes analogue, lets just hope that they haven’t captured the ‘flakey’ experience. I would prefer the Mazda MX5 (Miata) experience where you get the experience but none of the broken ass crap of owning an MG

Russian Hackers Are Using Google’s Own Infrastructure to Hack Gmail Users | Motherboard

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Why young South Koreans are turning away from religion | Arts & Culture | Al Jazeera

Is 2017 the beginning of the end for the app economy? TheNextWeb – not exactly more like a new normal – one thing that’s missing is the importance of building inside existing app eco-systems such as WeChat, Facebook Messenger etc

Why the Chinese Will Pay for Content That Americans Won’t – Bloomberg – De Dao and other paid media

Does Slack allow your boss to spy on you? — Quartz – output rather than outcome focused measures on productivity

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Discounting Snapchat | L2 – really nice analysis of SnapChat

Apple has finally found someone to support HomeKit • The Register – I can understand why there is a wider leeriness around Internet of Things due to the privacy implications, built in obsolescence and dependence on the cloud

With its Special Projects Desk, Univision is keeping Gawker’s spirit alive at Gizmodo Media Group » Nieman Journalism Lab

Kantar Worldpanel’s most chosen brands in the UK 2017 – Kantar UK Insights – Kantar – what’s really a British brand? Modern supply chains pull things back and forth across Europe

Privacy threats through ultrasonic side channels on mobile devices by Arp, Quiring, Wressnegger & Rieck – great article on the privacy implications of ultrasonic beacons and mobile devices (PDF)

Huawei missed memo that PC’s dead – so here are three new notebooks • The Register – interesting move for a company whose chairman said that they have to increase margins, model specs also interesting – looks like an attempt to try and surround Apple – it is more important 5 iterations from now

Hitachi exits mainframe hardware but will collab with IBM on z Systems • The Register – end of an era, I wonder what this will mean for Hitachi Data System’s storage business over time?