Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that made my day this week:

I enjoyed listening to Richie Hawtin’s set for Calvin Klein. Raf Simons, the current creative director of Calvin Klein has known Richie Hawtin for a while.

Earning attention in the digital age

One of them marketing ideas which so makes sense when you see it. Toyota Australia have tricked out a Hi-Lux as a Tonka toy and are taking it around the country

Introducing the #HiluxTonka concept car – toughness is in its DNA. 💪

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Classic techno playlist from Magnetic magazine

GHOST IN THE SHELL : Ash Thorp – don’t bother watching Ghost in The Shell because it’s gutted the meaning out of the original and whitewashed the characters. Instead look at this to enjoy the high production values

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Many young Hongkongers unable to control their smartphone addiction, new survey finds | SCMP – I am sure that the same thing would have been said about television in the past

News Corp ad campaign asks tough question on ad metrics | The Australian – Rupert being an arse again because he can’t get online advertising to work whereas Facebook and Google can

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Microsoft touts Microsoft-customized edition of Samsung Galaxy S8 | ZDNet – interesting that its now focused on apps for the Android eco-system for Microsoft phones (made by Samsung), it is a good enterprise story for Samsung though

Li & Fung misses estimates with 47pc decline in 2016 profit | SCMP – they’ve been declining for a while, but is this drop part of the (western market) retail apocalypse

How we made the typeface Comic Sans | The Guardian – interesting read – Microsoft Bob, which was designed to make computers more accessible to children. I booted it up and out walked this cartoon dog, talking with a speech bubble in Times New Roman. Dogs don’t talk in Times New Roman! Conceptually, it made no sense.

WATCH – Article 50: Professor Michael Dougan on Northern Ireland – University of Liverpool – really interesting analysis

More Ways to Share with the Facebook Camera | Facebook Newsroom – Facebook clones another Snapchat feature

Ruder Finn Launches App-Based Reputation Risk Management System | Holmes Report – I remember Zaheer Nooruddin showed me one of these years ago at B-M

Boris savages ‘disgusting’ Google | The Times & The Sunday Times – two things; one Google could be considered to be a straw man, a distraction from the big issues facing the government like Brexit. Two, since when has New Corp demonstrated the kind of social responsibility Boris talks about? Google and Facebook have issues, but the messenger lacks credibility

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

It had been a busy week with a couple of research projects becoming all consuming through the week. Here are the things that made my day this week:

BaselWorld left us with a plethora of new watches which belies the decline of the go-go days China luxury buying. Sales are down over 20 percent from what they were. This is actually back closer to a more normal market, but it fits in with technology journalists narrative that smart watches are going to eat the world.  The reality is more complex, even the most successful fitness bands have had financial problems.

It is too early to tell about Android and Tenzen powered efforts. Apple seems to be doing ok. The change does seem to have rattled Rolex a little – rather than moving at its own pace it seems to be listening more closely to fan demands such as this double red Sea-Dweller with a cyclops magnifier for the date shows.

Cheil London have cashed in on YouTube phenomenon ‘Korean Billy’ quite shrewdly

Kong Seong-Jae was a smart person to bring in in order to help with Cheil’s ‘Huawei-like’ branding for western audience and his appointment of Cheil London’s chief communications officer was a nice April 1, prank.

Really nice video by the local government promoting Hikone to domestic tourists in Japan.

Reebok China’s 80 year old ambassador Wang Deshun redefines aging, more about it on Dazed Digital.

Vintage Leeds club night have some of their best mixes up on Mixcloud, here’s one from Sasha

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South Korea Finds Qualcomm Prevented Samsung From Selling Its Exynos Processors – Slashdot – smoking gun…

Lawyers and Academics Warn UK Against Criminalizing File-Sharers | Torrent Freak – interesting work by media lobbyists, it will go south when it starts catching casual middle class criminals

Apple invents a Unique Air-Tight Protective Case for Future iPhones with a Smart Communications Component – Why does the notification have to be digital (thinking Sony’s Sport Walkman and Discman designs were secure closure was self evident)

German Intelligence Chief Bruno Kahl Interview – SPIEGEL ONLINE – really interesting interview

De Grisogono Offers You a ‘Botler’ | New York Times – interesting Facebook Messenger usage

Mobile data became China Mobile’s biggest revenue driver in 2016 | total telecom – margins on data razor thin by comparison though, WeChat turning China Mobile into a dumb pipe

Why advertisers are pulling spend from YouTube – Business Insider – interesting mix of motivations

What’s Gucci? | The Outline – stunned by this social strategy and not in a good way

IBM, Remote-Work Pioneer, is Calling Thousands Of Employees Back To the Office | Slashdot – damning indictment of teleworking and the power of technology

Eeben Barlow’s Military and Security Blog: OVERCOMING THE CRISIS IN COMMAND – interesting essay on how the analogue between business management and military command is causing problems in the military

Apple announces a new, cheaper iPad in hopes of stopping sales slump – ExtremeTech – interesting that they are prepared to make a thicker product

What Marketers Should Expect from Search in the Future – Think with Google  – reading this makes me think that Jeff Weiner’s direction at Yahoo! Search was right; just the way to achieve it should have relied more on machine learning

Here Is a Tweet Venture Capitalist Benedict Evans Just Deleted [Updated] | Gizmodo – EPIC

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

This week I spent a good deal of time listening to the Flying Mojito Brothers

We past 25 years since the launch of Jump Around by the House of Pain and Everlast returned with his first hip hop project in years War Porn Industries. Here’s the mixtape put together

A great mix for St Patrick’s day without the cheese from Club Céilí

Magnetic magazine put together a collection of some very Belearic feeling tracks. The kind of collection that the likes of Test Pressing would have been proud of

This week has seen all eyes of watch fans turn towards Basel for Baselworld and Omega put together this great teaser in advance of their launches at the show

#Baselworld2017 Correction… we have three new watches.

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

The economic rationale for public R&I funding and its impact – Research policy and organisation – EU Bookshop – good reading material showing the importance of government R&D spurring private enterprise innovation

SoftBank Drops $100 Million Investment in iPhone Rival – WSJ – stops investment in Andy Rubin’s next thing (paywall)

QR code scams rise in China, putting e-payment security in spotlight | South China Morning Post– interesting attack vector

Escape to another world | 1843 – changing gender roles, changing expectations of what they can achieve and escapism

China has overtaken Japan in South Koreans’ worst countries list, new survey claims | South China Morning Post – big longer term issue for the Chinese, probably bigger than they realise at the moment

Alienation 101 | 1843 – Chinese student experience in the US

Beijing public bathrooms equipped with face scanners in a bid to save toilet paper-Sino-US – there is something wrong about the economics of this, unless the average Chinese person is the pink panther of toilet paper?

Handsets at MWC: Same But Different | EE Times – from the perspective of electronics engineers

Nike Sees Online Search Spike from China’s Consumer Rights Day | The Daily | L2 – oh Consumer Rights day – that festival of bashing the west….

Hong Kong jewellers poised for joy as Chinese big spenders return | South China Morning Post – I guess its also about creating portable wealth as capital restrictions continue and change

As Uber Woos More Drivers, Taxis Hit Back – – when will Uber’s cheap capital and toxic culture run out of road and become this decade’s

A Small Table Maker Takes On Alibaba’s Flood of Fakes – – Alibaba’s PR pain

Demis Hassabis plays to DeepMind’s strengths by using artificial intelligence for social impact – interesting read. One pout stood out though wasn’t Google X and Google Research supposed to be the kind of medium / long term research DeepMind claims to be. Secondly, there is no ‘general purpose’ AI in DeepMind’s current vision or structure

Facebook Goes Full “Black Mirror”: How Facebook Is Making Membership a Prerequisite to Everyday… – In some ways this is worse than Microsoft Passport; that the IT industry and privacy wonks fought off in the early noughties

Generation X More Addicted to Social Media Than Millennials, Report Finds – – fire the millennials in your social team

Are Teenagers Replacing Drugs With Smartphones? – – drugs replaced by digital alternatives?

Aral Balkan — We didn’t lose control – it was stolen – interesting framing of the modern day online media industry

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Bot Check-In: A Year of Disappointment — The Information – bots will take a while longer

Netflix Ratings System Changed From Stars to Thumbs | Variety – simpler choice increased reactions by 200% in A/B testing

Nearly half of iPhone users are uncomfortable storing personal data on iCloud | MacTech – sounds like Apple needs to educate on the security of their services

Quiz question | Big Lychee, Various Sectors – on duopoly of retail in Hong Kong

i-Cable’s demise is a case study in how property conglomerates fail at innovation – having just finished Joe Studwell’s Asian Godfathers this proved to be a case study for pretty much all the points that he makes on the nature of their business prowess

How did Yahoo get breached? Employee got spear phished, FBI suggests | Ars Technica – Yahoo was under no government mandate not to tell customers of the breach. But the company did delay disclosure for nearly two years – this could get interesting

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

The week has been long and diverse. I ended up doing a takeover of the work Instagram account here.

Henry Rollins critique of Dr Seuss would make Breitbart readers apoplectic


ninetiesDJarchives | listen to music and sounds on – epic found from Matt Muir’s newsletter

Exclusive Premiere | Everlast Comes Home With WARPORN INDUSTRIES – CraveOnline – Everlast’s first rap project since he left La Coka Nostra

What It’s Like to Serve Inside the Sinaloa Cartel – really interesting set of documentaries, though I suspect part of the reason why they got access to make this film is that it won’t do recruitment any harm

Finally, the FT did an interesting bit of research on the role that bots played in the online discussion around Geert Wilders in the run up to the Dutch election

The Dutch election, Russia and Twitter bots: Here’s how social media is serving Dutch populism. Dutch voters go to the polls on Wednesday amid mounting international concern over the role of social media and so-called “fake news” in recent political campaigns. Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-immigration Party for Freedom (PVV), which is projected to finish as the second- or third-largest party in the lower house, makes no secret of his disdain for established news outlets. Twitter is his social network of choice FT Data set out to discover what we could learn about Mr Wilders and his followers by analysing social media. The structure of this segment of Mr Wilders’ Twitter network suggests a clear separation between those of his followers who follow mainstream news sources and those with connections to high-volume, potentially automated accounts. Read more at #dutch #netherlands #PVV #geertwilders #partyforfreedom #populism #europe #dutchelections #elections #election #politics #eu #populist #populists #immigration #immigrant #immigrants

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

‘China used to copy Silicon Valley, but now it’s Silicon Valley that copies China’ – China doesn’t copy Silicon Valley it’s more like sampling and building something new

UK to block Kodi pirates in real-time: Saturday kick-off • The Register – real time censorship for commercial interests. I get why its happening but the implications are profound

Make Great Britain “great” again? How Brexit reawakened England’s dormant imperialism — Quartz – absolutely terrifying

China’s internet censorship under fire – but proposal against controls gets … censored | South China Morning Post – interesting but the reasons suggested are marginal gains compared to the greater concerns of protecting societal harmony

Gawker founder Nick Denton believes the ‘good internet will rise up again’ | PCWorld – “An honest review of the Samsung Galaxy Note is a dangerous proposition,” Denton said. “There will be no drama, you just won’t see any advertising from Samsung for the next two years. That’ll be the salaries of 10 or 20 journalists that go up in smoke.”

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Cathay Pacific rethinks in-flight meals with on-demand catering trial on long haul services | SCMP – really interesting change in process

Exclusive: Japan to vet bidders in Toshiba chip sale for national security risks – sources | Reuters – probably doesn’t want China dicking them about like they have been doing with Korea and have done in the past with rare earth metals

A brief history of blockchain | HBR  – nice technical 101

Beijing industry minister says no discrimination against foreign companies | SCMP – empirical evidence would tend to suggest otherwise

Faulty Towers: Understanding the impact of overseas corruption on the London property market – Transparency International UK – so basically if you’re from a high corruption country Transparency International is tarring you with the same brush. This needs to be a bit more nuanced

Unwind by Sync Project – look at the site on your phone, it accesses your heart rate presumable via the touch sensor??? and plays music to help you unwind based on the data

The Internet of Things and interaction style: the effect of smart interaction on brand attachment: Journal of Marketing Management: Vol 33, No 1-2 – pay wall

Urban Outfitters’ CEO says the US retail bubble is bursting, just like housing in 2008 | Quartz – time to think about shorting Gap, Arcadia, Sports Direct etc

Brexit hole at the heart of British budget – POLITICO – Brexit as a term apparently now polls badly….

“Adulting School” teaches millennials grown-up skills like hanging a picture, fitting a sheet, and networking — Quartz – Some interesting stuff in here, some of the subjects remind me of night classes. The demographics points are good though

Report: LVMH to Launch Multi-Brand E-Commerce Site | News & Analysis | BoF – going after Yoox | Net a Porter and department stores

Online Affiliate Marketing – ASA | CAP – making video blogs relations with brand clear by for instance having ad in the title

‘Superstar Firms’ May Have Shrunk Workers’ Share of Income | NY Times – is this analogous to rent seeking and monopolistic power?

Flickr Adds ‘Similarity Search’ to Help You Discover Visually Similar Photos | Peta Pixel – bloody handy for mood boards and presentations

Doppler Labs sues Bose for allegedly stealing augmented audio tech – Business Insider – new category of active hearing products

Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

I have been thankful that I use Accuweather as the go to weather app on my phone this week as the weather has been changeable from seasonal to miserable.

Things that caught my attention this week

My favourite listening material this week: Playlist: Crush Club Share Their Favorite Funky Songs To Dance the Night Away With – Magnetic Magazine

I didn’t get to go to the Monocle media summit but there is a great set of highlights here: The Monocle Media Summit, The Stack 236 – Radio | Monocle

Chanel’s fashion show as rocket launch shows by Karl Lagerfeld is still in the game

#CHANELGroundControl #CHANELFallWinter #PFW

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See how Wong Kar wai influenced the Oscar winning film Moonlight – The side-by-side comparisons that show how a Hong Kong director influenced “Moonlight”

Great to see this manufacturing story – Jack White Celebrates Third Man’s New Detroit Vinyl Pressing Plant [VIDEO] – hypebot

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WikiLeaks Releases CIA Hacking Tools – Schneier on Security

BBC Radio 4 – PM, British Airways to cut legroom on planes – WTF

University of Twente | Electronic energy meters’ false readings almost six times higher than actual energy consumption | University of Twente – Enschede – which also explains why vendors love smart meters

Q&A: Nicholas Thompson looks to push Wired into the future by returning to radical roots – Columbia Journalism Review – glad its happening. Wired has lost its mojo

Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up | Charged – damning indictment

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Researchers uncover PowerShell Trojan that uses DNS queries to get its orders | Ars Technica – ingenious in its execution

How to change WeChat Official Account without losing followers | Walk The Chat

Failing to See, Fueling Hatred | danah boyd

How China’s ‘Mr. Bags’ Moves Luxury Handbags in Mere Minutes | Business of Fashion