Memetagged YouTube virals

Drew has asked about my five favourite YouTube virals (no particular order on this):The Urban Ninja Uncle Steve lays the slap down on Microsoft (lifted from Bob Cringely’s documentary Triumph of the Nerds) Not hosted on YouTube but in the same spirit, the tagging of AirForce One is a ballsy hoax video that went around […]

Links for 2006-09-21 [My Web 2.0]

Google Not Showing Ads at Top For Those Who Don’t ClickMonkey Bites – WebMonkey is dead, but long live Monkey Bites Jason Goldberg on Web 2.0 and its Influence Apple delivers more for less with new iPod nano – teardown analysis by iSuppli Yahoo to issue refunds after NFL streaming falters IPTV has its faults […]

Links for 2006-09-20 [My Web 2.0]

BBC – Wales – Digital Storytelling interesting article The Yahoo! Current Network Broadband TV apparently PSFK: We’re listening to this: Submerge Podcast UR launches techno podcast Google Analytics If you don’t know antitrust law, why write a long article suggesting Apple has broken it?Apple legitimately kicking tech butt

Links for 2006-09-19 [My Web 2.0]

Hybrid apps aren’t the new black – Mash-ups – useful yes, new economy no Business hotels for non-guests – Hoxton hotel offers private offices for non-guests NewsCorp may not use internet portals Social Bookmarking face-off Groklaw – making sense of the SCO train crash mobility@LSE – mobile interaction & pervasive social devices Inventories raise ‘R […]

Links for 2006-09-18 [My Web 2.0]

Mobizines – self-described entertainment snacks for your mobile phone and parent company Refresh MobileSun 2.0 – Anthony Mayfield on how The Sun Online has embraced web 2.0 techniques to further improve their site Cocaine – an energy drink with no charlie included that is said to contain as much caffiene as five expressos, not too […]