Viral Craicer

Not as easy as it seems, choose out of a list of names which one belongs to the My Little Pony range of childrens toys from the 1980s and which is the name or alias of a performer in an adult-orientated loop. Try your luck here.

More importantly which category would Christina Aguilera fit into: small horse or glamour model?

The 37 Paths to Wisdom & Other Cool Web Firms has an interesting article about 37 Signals a Chicago based software company that is making waves. The company has developed lean, responsive web-service based software applications for project management and personal productivity.Odeo is a way of making podcast publication and consumption much easier, it has the ease-of-use that one would expect from one of the founders of Blogger.

Viral Craicers

A great viral from Liquid Generation showing how sexualised pop culture has become.Spot the adult entertainment performers from the people with no decernable talent (its not as easy as you think).

At Chez RC, we scored a respectable 40 per cent and were told that we needed to watch more porno, and who are we to disagree, after all it’s on the net so it must be true.


Interesting Web Services

When I worked during the boom I briefly used a great free document management service called FireDrop to manage approvals from press releases to appraisal forms for my team. There has seldom been a web service that has impressed me since, however BaseCamp looks like it might do that.

Unlike many web services offerings that I won’t name (RightNow Technologies, Groove Networks) it is truly platform-agnostic.

Viral Craicer

I may be the only straight man in the UK who thinks that Rachel Stevens isn’t the cats meow. She’s nice, but doesn’t float my boat. However this viral done in Flash gets my vote for the most positive use of suggestion and double entendre. Kudos to young Jonathan.