Alright Chuck, you smell right nice

After taking Oliver Cheatham’s 1982 soul classic Saturday night and making it CHAV (council house & violent) friendly Lynx have made amends with this clever advertisement currently doing the rounds in the cinema and on television.

Cinema is particularly important to help Lynx reach the important 18 – 30 something demographic.

Shaolin Coke

Great advert in Quicktime ‘Pepsi Can Fu’

K-Tel beats the Smithsonian Institute

Had to share this 1970’s mock up cover for The Onion with you. Pure class; Jimmy Carter and Congress speaking via CB radio and KTel petitioning politicans to save 1970s pop music forever. Super dope stylin’, check it out

Cool Stuff

Get yourself a golden parachute: you know that you are leaving a firm, go to My Resignation and sell the information to executive recruiters the Kickstart Consultancy. For more information contact Paul Chatfield.

The pay scale is:

500GBP for positions with basic salaries from …..40,000 to 60,000GBP

750GBP for positions with basic salaries from …..60,001 to 80,000GBP

1,000GBP for positions with basic salaries from … 80,001 to 100,000GBP

1,500 for positions with basic salaries above 100,000GBP

Talk to the hand (this is soooo cool)

Came across this on Wired News: an email rejection service for those sticky moments. The service sends out a standard rejection to those you spurn. What’s even funnier is the blog that they catalogue the best emails received.

Text of their standard response

Subject: Nice to hear from you

Ha ha, just kidding. Actually, this is a rejection letter. The person who gave you this email address does not want to have anything to do with you.


This is probably bad news, and many people cope with bad news in phases: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Let us help you through these:

“It must be a mistake”: Nope. You got an address in the form or, right? Well, all we here at do is send rejection notices. If you got this email address, it wasn’t an accident. No, you’ve definitely been rejected.


“Why is this happening to me?”: Well, there are two main points. First, the person you wrote to obviously had this email address ready to give you, so they probably get hit on a lot. Second, for whatever reason, that person would rather let you get this rejection letter than reject you in person. So who should you be mad at: all the other creeps who have hit on this person before you, ruining your chances; or you yourself for being too intense or scary to be let down gently? Either way, you really shouldn’t be “angry” at anyone – what good does that do?


“I promise I’ll do better next time”: Fine, great, but just not with this same person, okay? The message being sent here is pretty clear. Besides, it may not even be your “fault” – as we pointed out above, this person was hit on enough to memorize long before you came along. Maybe you’re just out of your league here. Maybe this person’s has built up walls around themselves that are just too thick to breach. Either way, don’t try again. If you do, you’re just going seem like a stalker… or worse! Go ahead an clean up your act if you think you should – just be sure to find a different audience to try it out on.


“I don’t care anymore”: Aw, we can’t leave it like that! Buck up, little nipper! It isn’t all bad! At least you were rejected in the privacy of your own email account; you had no chance to do or say anything that you would later regret; and you’ve saved the time and effort of pursuing a no-chance relationship.


Besides, you didn’t just get rejected – you’ve learned about a great new tool: After all, this is nothing personal to us. We have no beef with you, and we’d be just as pleased to serve your rejection needs as we are to serve anybody else. So if you ever need to reject somebody, be sure to tell them to write to you at


How’s that? All better now? Good. And good luck to you, buddy. Maybe next time you will get a real email address!