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A couple of things from the web that are of interest. Segway the people with the fancy technology and a scooter that no one wants may have a card up their sleeves. The Segway Centaur is a concept that they are checking peoples reaction to. Its an electric quad that can be handled like a mountain bike. Your can see it in halting web video here. For a mix of pranks and wonder check out a new site called Hack-a-day. The site is designed to collect the best hacks from around the web for you. Make your own lava lamp, or run Mac OS X on an XBox anybody?

Quick Link

I found this radio station that cranks out oldstyle radio plays on MP3 despite the adverts for George Bush, though the spoof Live365 adverts are brilliant.

Great site

Powells, an American book shop that calls itself ‘Powells City of Books the legendary bookstore’ has a great section where they have a transcript of interviews of authors they have done at the store. From Martin Amis to Anthony Swofford. Check it out here.

Inbound at Six O’Clock


blog entry the other day regarding Microsoft CEO’s character assasination of iPod users like myself resulted in coverage in The Register, Mac Daily News,, Wired journalist Leander Kahney’s Cult of the Mac blog, and respected German blog IT&W. If you have joined us from those or any other sites welcome / wilkommen I hope that you find the postings of interest.On to industry news, Martin Kuderna – Bayern Munich supporter, PR firebrand and all round diamond geezer has set up a new PR agency called

100Zehn (apparently it means 110 per cent, but I have his word to take for it.) As a new shop they have a to die for client list of PalmOne, Extended Systems, Alatis and some nickel and dime computer company run by some cranky guy who also runs Pixar (Toy Story and Monsters Inc.) Seriously if you need PR in the German market, these guys are the bomb.

Football Factory Style

Your author having a quick bevy in town, Oakley shades and a Lacoste jacket that zips up to hide the identity from the nasty pork chopperz in the sky. Picture courtesy of Skinz Posted by Hello