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Social enterprise networking firm (I kid you not) Cerado has a series of quizes for the web weary, work out which is a web 2.0 start-up and which is a crap character out of the Star Wars franchise, or alternatively work out which of these web 1.0 efforts were purchased or are nothing but a faded logo on a vintage t-shirt in a sysadmin’s laundry basket? There is a certain symmetry to their buzz-word compliant offering and the knowing humour of what I guess are viral campaigns for their product Haystack.Talking of classic parodies, Stephen forwarded on this fantastic spoof of that Sony TV ad. San Francisco is swapped for Swansea and a mountain of fruit that brings to mind the old EEC agricultural intervention policies. For the completists amongst you, here’s a link to how the original Sony ad was actually done.

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Ok, so I have left Yahoo! after being made redundant and about to start a new role agency-side (which is both exciting and kind of scary all at the same time), I now feel that I can now say nice things independently about the Yahoo! family of products on here, without it being construed as the insepid scribblings of a paid shill (I’ll have you know I am a damn good shill thank you very much). I used to be a European PR manager working on various bits of the business including Yahoo! Search, My Web, Answers, Delicious, 360, Flickr, Research and the technology development team which put me pretty much right at the centre of the web 2.0 vortex.

You can find some of the good stuff that was happening here.

Not so much a product big-up but Carole McManus – community manager of Y!360 in Sunnyvale has put up a useful posting on how to blog. Obvious I know, but some good tips on writing style and getting around writers block (also check out the comments section on the posting).

Ok, a question to leave you with: how can the scribblings of an engineer like Robert Scroble or Jeremy Zawodny be considered to be great communication but a PR person’s postings be always viewed with suspicion (except when discussing the dark arts of misdirection and deception)? Answers on a comment below please.

The picture came from a number of photos that I took at this years Breakin’ Convention in Sadlers Wells which as the young people would say was ’nuff wicked scene or rather good.

renaissance chambara: MIA no longer

Apologies for being missing-in-action for so long, it was due to factors that I don’t want to go into here. I am still getting on the mend, but wanted to share a few things with you in the mean time. If you read a number of blogs, you will have seen the video clip and subsequent furore over comedian Stephen Colbert’s close-to-the-bone digs at the Bush administration during the annual White House correspondents dinner.(I found out about it from Tom Coates’ blog post

here). Following on from that

Saturday Night Live (the long-running US comedy show that gave Steve Martin, John Belushi and Will Ferrell their break) had a state of the union type introduction (complete with presidents seal) provided by Al Gore that lampooned Bush and had a bit of self-mocking humour of himself. Well worth watching as a follow-up to Colbert’s antics. You can find the clip here in QuickTime format. (Kudos to Dewayne Hendricks via the Interesting People email list). As an aside, it’s interesting the way Al Gore has been raising his profile at the moment:

  • Apparently helping Google on public affairs
  • Being the poster child in Wired magazine for techno-environmentalism
  • Campaigning on issues like world poverty

Will he be running for election two terms from now, or positioning himself as a McNamara-style reformer for the World Bank? Whatever’s going on you, the mark of a image-enhancing chess-game is all over his latest moves.

This is most likely a hoax, but I love the irreverence of it anyway

Links of the Day

Linspire have finally released a free distribution of their Linux operating system. This is an interesting move, which could see them moving away from being a z-list box shifter to being the iTunes of consumer software through CNR.There is lots of tired Gateway and Dell boxes out there that could be given a new lease of life and installing Freespire provides a good way of removing and helping proof against malmare targeting the Windows platform.

It would be especially attractive in wi-fi enabled homes were computer access is at a premium as kids and parents currently duke it out over two or more computers.

For any tech-heads passing its based on the Debian distribution like Linspire.

AOL promises that it is releasing a MySpace product for the rest of us that will be ‘kick-ass’ according an AOL spokesperson quoted over on a Business 2.0 article at CNN Online. Looks like they’ve finally figured a way to leverage their huge instant messenger user base.

Apple have released a 17-inch version of the MacBook Pro, but it isn’t really news as the rumour sites had it down pat for a few weeks now. Over at Crack Unit Iain Tait has been talking about life with his new MacIntel companion.