Around the Web

Famous former Apple employee Guy Kawasaki has a couple of great blog entries that are great use for PR professionals. His guide to composing emails is invaluable to PRs emailing journalists and clients Guy’s guide to the art of schmoozing codifies common sense into probably one of the most difficult arts of the PR professional […]

The Week

Work has been busy, but Danny Rampling’s farewell compilation album has been keeping me company.Leaving work and getting along very late to the These4Walls social allowed me to catch up with some people that I hadn’t seen in a good while and one person that I knew but had never met. I have spoken on-and-off […]

New Media Finds

I came across, a kind of Defamer for Silicon Valley, it makes for the most compelling reading about the valley since Robert X. Cringely‘s Accidential Empires.There was gossip on company execs that had not made it over this side of the pond and adds a bit of life to the droll Notes from the […]

Brain Food

Now that IT Conversations has had to move to a more sound commercial model as part of the Conversation Network, Google’s Tech Talks have topped up my requirement for new ideas and viewpoints. Google has invited an interesting range of spokespeople to talk about subjects from meteorites in Antarctica to high-end computing and visualisation by […]

Hot Stuff

InfoWorld‘s daily podcast claimed that Wi-Fi hotspots had passed 100,000; 2,000 of which are in Seoul (South Korea). The US had the most Wi-Fi hotspots, with the UK in second place.Talking of hotspots, Simon Willison pointed me in the direction of which highlights what’s the heat online in terms of blogs and news articles. […]