Jail Time

The New Yorker has a compelling and terrifying article on US prison gang the Ayran Brotherhood. Descriptions of their deeds makes Scum seem like a children’s fairy tale in comparison. More here.


A little while ago the DisneyWar book made ripples in Apple circles with Michael Eisner’s alleged comments about Steve Jobs leaked from the sanctity of the boardroom to the page of the business book. Andy Kessler reviews the book for the Wall Street Journal and has posted the text on his site here. The overall […]

Treo and Error

Geek.com have a posting recommending Chattermail as a push IMAP client, providing Treo users with a Blackberry-type experience without the embarrassment of looking like a complete hardware gimp. Courtesy of Ian

Banking on blogs and other musings

Boutique bankers Think Equity Partners LLC now have their own blog, not as interesting or articulate as the likes of Andy Kessler it looks like a reasonably well concealed attempt to talk up the market. I am sure the content will improve as time moves on. Thanks to Ian Wood for putting me on to […]

Dream Marketing Role on JOTW email list

Unfortunately I can’t speak a word of Dutch. Marketing Manager, Levi’s Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands To develop and implement a consumer and a trade marketing plan for the Levi’s(R) brand in The Netherlands. To implement programs that support key retailers, in order to achieve country Annual Operating Plan financial and equity targets. Critical Results Implement the […]