Video Howlers

Reading Time: 1 minute First up old black and white TV spot for Winston’s cigarettes which must have sponsored the Flintstones cartoon on US television. Now repeat after me children “Winstons taste good, like a cigarette should” (beats the pants off Barney the Dinosaur). The second one: well lets just say that no introduction can do this film clip … Read moreVideo Howlers

Dating Tips

Reading Time: 1 minute US mobile phone company Cingular has come up with an Escape-A-Date service. An example, from their press release: Hey, this is your escape-a-date call. If you’re looking for an excuse, I got it. Just repeat after me, and you’ll be on your way! “Not again! Why does that always happen to you? … Alright, I’ll … Read moreDating Tips

Out-Law Posse

Reading Time: 1 minute Masons are a large and respected legal firm. What on earth are they doing with a kick-ass website? is their online presence, as well as a weekly news round up, a quarterly magazine and helpful guides they even have some cool online games in their fun section. The site is a classic example of … Read moreOut-Law Posse

So true its not funny and other stuff around the web

Reading Time: 1 minute Apple spoof product lifecycle article which can be found here. Trendwatching is back with a pattern that they call five-star living, where property developers and high-end resort or hotels sell a home away from home to the super dumb but loaded. They put a whole pile of luxury living brand experience about it, but what … Read moreSo true its not funny and other stuff around the web