Rubber News

Reading Time: 1 minute I spoke with and had an email from Chris at Team Rubber. He brought me up to speed with some of the things they had been up to and sent through links to some viral work that showcases what they can do in terms of web design and digital marketing. First off, eurobandits magazine had … Read moreRubber News

Things that make you go hmm, hmm, hmm

Reading Time: 1 minute First spotted on Lance Armstrong during this years Tour de France bike race, Oakley have now launched their MP3 headphones on their website. Oakley Thumpers come it at a spendy spendy 495USD for a 256MB MP3 player, earphones and glasses. You can read the specification and full details here (Windoze users need Acrobat from those … Read moreThings that make you go hmm, hmm, hmm

The Holy Grail of the Kitchen

Reading Time: 1 minute A Ged-proof cook book: Precise wording and instructions Easy to read layout Geek cred No poncy pictures or pukka geezers (sorry Jamie, I just can’t cope with those Sainsburys ads, despite the charity work with aspiring catering careerists) Cooking For Engineers is a no-nonsense guide to fancy food from Crème Brûlée to the best way … Read moreThe Holy Grail of the Kitchen