Sociology more than just a qualification for a McJob

Reading Time: 1 minute One of my colleagues has been doing research on an issues management campaign in the offing and came across SIRC (Social Issues Research Centre), an Oxford based organisation with lots of useful articles on their site. Apparently they spawned the term ‘white van man’. And they don’t ask you if you want fries with your … Read moreSociology more than just a qualification for a McJob

Fantastic Viral Clips

Reading Time: 1 minute Bainst is a web designer with a sense of humour based around subverting the form of communication. Check out some of his really cool viral videos. The Soul Calibur (a Mortal Kombat type fighting game for hormone crazed teenage boys) characters getting jiggy wid it, rather than taking chunks out of each other and a … Read moreFantastic Viral Clips