Yes, yes, y’all; to the beat y’all

Reading Time: 1 minute Old school B-Boy post. Put on your Adidas First track suit, dust down your pair of Superstars, fix your Kangol and pop some d-cells in that monster Sharp boombox you got in the attic. Have we got an electric bugaloo-tastic posting for you. First off check out this Transformer breakdance Flash animation – the soundtrack … Read moreYes, yes, y’all; to the beat y’all

A Couple of Rockin’ Virals

Reading Time: 1 minute Hey just a brief post with links to a couple of viral videos. First up is the XXXChurch. XXXChurch is a bunch of evangelical christians based in the San Fernando valley California. For those of you not in the know, the San Fernando valley is to porn, what Silicon Valley is to IT. Their viral … Read moreA Couple of Rockin’ Virals

Rootin Tootin’ Smokin’ Goodies

Reading Time: 1 minute If like me you enjoy hearing about people more down on their luck than you I would heartily recommend The Smoking Gun. Hot off the press includes: – Michael ‘Rockin Robin’ Jackson’s remortgaging of his Neverland ranch – The Vaseline(TM) man who likes a well lubed hotel room Unfcukingbelievable as our Graham would say! Such … Read moreRootin Tootin’ Smokin’ Goodies