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Revamp for HK stock exchange | – plans to spend HK$2 billion to upgrade its system and introduce yuan-denominated commodities and derivatives trading (paywall)

Louis Vuitton Sets A New Standard In Federal Trademark And Copyright Law : Fashion Apparel Law Blog

US Online Advertising Spending to Surpass Print in 2012 – eMarketer

Apple introduces us to Siri, the Killer Patent – Patently Apple

Introducing New Apps for Timeline | Facebook

Empowered – Do people care about the data you collect? – now more than ever they do

Home | Data Without Borders

How does an early-stage investor value a startup? | the drawingboard [dot] me

Weber Shandwick – Seventy Per Cent of Consumers Avoid Products If They Dislike Parent Company, Weber Shandwick Survey Finds – not terribly surprising

Microsoft Pri0 | Nielsen: 1.4 percent of those who recently bought smartphones chose Windows Phone | Seattle Times Newspaper

Confessions of a Publisher: “We’re in Amazon’s Sights and They’re Going to Kill Us” | PandoDaily

Apple PCs Ease Into Corporate Market – – (paywall)

The secrets Apple keeps – Fortune Tech – if this doesn’t hammer Apple’s recruiting efforts I don’t know what will

More US Consumers Choosing Smartphones as Apple Closes the Gap on Android | Nielsen Wire

Wiring the open-source enterprise – McKinsey Quarterly

Infographic: The (new) best time to post to social media | Articles

iPhone share among recent smartphone buyers nearly doubles in Q4, Nielsen says

Epeus’ epigone: Translation from sanctimonious bluster to English of Chris Dodd’s statement on the internet blackout protests

Spot – twitter visualisation tool

How China’s Boom Caused the Financial Crisis – By Heleen Mees | Foreign Policy – title is misleading. Low interest rates and the decline of middle class income led to a need for refinancing. Blaming China is simplistic

danah boyd | apophenia » We need to talk about piracy (but we must stop SOPA first)

The long road to BlackBerry 10 | The Verge

Can the naysaying and give Jerry Yang his due – CBS News

ZTE sees China, U.S. key smartphone markets | Reuters

AppleInsider | NPD data suggests ‘soft’ sales of 4.9M Macs in December quarter

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European banks: Room for manouevre | The Economist

PR pros are talking about Mark Cuban today | Articles

Jerry Yang Has Left the Building; Resigns From Yahoo, Alibaba Boards | mocoNews – interesting. The thing to watch is what Yang does with his shares. He could dump them on the market, still be well off and sink his critics in a sea of red

ARM’s stiff upper lip trembles at Chipzilla’s Medfield | ExtremeTech

Tech Industry Buys Itself a Mouthpiece – love the way Gawker skewers PandoDaily

Turn Off Your Phone to Quickly Eliminate Stress

Seal Plastic Bags with Aluminum Foil and an Iron

Rands In Repose: A Design Primer for Engineers

The downsides to digital – Consumer Focus

Kantar Media Acquires CIC, Wants to Hear More Word-of-Mouth Insights From China | Tech in Asia

Daily NK – Search Engine ‘Expertize’ Attacked – Korean research casts doubt on the value of Q&A service answers

Saab Owners Take to the Streets – the brand still has equity, if, someone can make Saabish cars (as well as having a Saab badge on the front). One of the big issues is that the brand went away from what Saab is

Robert Scoble – Google+ – What +Hillel Fuld doesn’t know about Windows Phone and its… – interesting to see Scoble flaming the Windows Phone

Unpopular EU Proposal: ‘Made in Germany’ Label At Risk – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Why the video pros are moving away from Apple

Large spike in visitor traffic to 3 of my sites all from same person/source – Google Groups

Zappos coughs to HUGE data breach • The Register

Willpower Part III: How to Strengthen Your Willpower and 20 Ways to Conserve It | The Art of Manliness

Saudi equities: a lifting of the veil? | – opens up market to direct institutional investment

Shaolin Kung Fu Monks: Photo Essay – awesome thanks to Rachel for sending this to me

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Siri may infringe old Excite patents – Excite’s vector model of mapping but its likely to be close to being out of patent

Beyerdynamic velour pads: new life for Sony MDR-7506 or V6 headphones :

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New details surface on the UPU: A next-generation CPU architecture | ExtremeTech

Yunyun (云云): Social Search Meets Q&A | TechRice

Splunk IPO explained and why it matters — Tech News and Analysis – Siebel-style dashboard promise for big data

Samsung Merging Its Bada OS With Intel-Backed Tizen Project – Forbes

Snapshot: Viaweb, June 1998 – Paul Graham on what the web used to look like when I first started off in agency life. The site looks curiously mobile friendly!

Shadow Minister slams costly 4G delays – £1 million lost every day for the economy | TechEye

CES 2012: Mr. Elop makes bold statements about Nokia in the Windows Phone space | ZDNet – ok what is important here is what Elop isn’t saying. No real reasons around Android and they seem to be having a problem building an on ramp that gets their ecosystem to support them

TVShack Admin Fights Extradition To U.S. On Movie Piracy Charges | TorrentFreak

CES: Survey Finds Traditional TV Viewing Is Collapsing – Forbes – this is more about more personal, less social (within the family) media consumption and also consumers are exhausted by TV innovations that don’t matter. I still rock a Sony Trinitron from the late 1990s

Under voter pressure, members of Congress backpedal (hard) on SOPA

Brand leaders predict little benefit from London 2012 Olympics – Brand Republic News