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I wouldn’t have thought about tagging for community sense using the idea of the folksonomy if it wasn’t for my friend Uri. Uri introduced me to the ‘For Immediate Release‘ blog. The blog and podcasts focus on both PR and new communications technologies like podcasting and blogging. One thing of interest that came up was […]

Digital Natives

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Digital natives is a generational term rather like generation x which is starting to hit the mainstream. A digital native is someone who has growth up in close contact with computers Mark Prensky hypothesised and found some proof to indicate that these people absorb and process information in a different manner to those of us […]

Personal data risk

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Kudos to Dave Farber of the Interesting People email list for flagging this on the use of personal data and The Washington Post for continuing to do good investigative journalism :Bahamas Firm Screens Personal Data To Assess Risk What becomes apparent from Robert O’Harrow’s article is how commercial personal data is of more value than […]