ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우

The End of Days Is Coming — Just Not to China – Foreign Policy – interesting essay on why China doesn’t produce as much apocalyptic fiction as the rest of the world Zegna’s radical business transformation / reinvention | How To Spend It Starbucks debuts in Italy with premium brews, novelty bar – The Mainichi […]

Oprah time: Realm of the Damned by Alec Worley

I was given a copy of Realm of the Damned – Tenebris Deos by one of the staff at Forbidden Planet. Werewolf Press did a really nice job of printing up Alec Worley’s graphic novel. The subtitle is a nice touch as Worley must have been thinking that he had a franchise on his hands. […]

Oprah time: Über by Kieron Gillen

Back in the day reading graphic novels like the Über series would have been a niche interest at best.  Now with the rise of Marvel and DC universe films they are part of mainstream culture. But not all comics are about accessible hero stories with easy cinematic adaption. My preferred writers like Gillen use the […]

Oprah time: Seventeen by Hideo Yokohama

Seventeen follows Yokohama’s first break out book translated into English; Sixty Four, but it isn’t a sequel or a prequel. Hideo Yokohama is a former journalist. he used to write for the Jomo Shimbun, a regional paper in Japan. It was obviously easy for him to write about life as a journalist. Yokohama-san captures the […]

Oprah Time: Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert M Cialdini

Cialdini’s Influence is now over ten years old and still stands up. It is a good guide on the psychology of why people say “yes”. The accessible style of Influence reminded of Douglas Rushcoff, or Malcolm Gladwell. Ok Malcolm Gladwell is a poor analogy, Cialdini’s work isn’t candy floss for the mind. This is deceptive […]