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Jargon Watch: Showrooming

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The Wall Street Journal defined showrooming:

that is, when shoppers come into a store to see a product in person, only to buy it from a rival online, frequently at a lower price

We’ve all done, particularly with a new clothes brand that I am not familiar with to get my sizing or scanned the barcode of a book with the Amazon mobile application. US department store Target are trying to get around this by getting vendors to provide them with products that are especially for Target customers.

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Target Sends Letter Vendors Asking for Help to Combat ‘Showrooming’ Comparison Shopping –


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I like: Oakley sunglasses chandelier | Oakley 太阳镜吊灯

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Oakley has a giant store on the edge of Covent Garden. It has tricked out the store with some really interesting things like ejector seats from a Boeing B52 bomber:
Here’s the seats
Ejector seat
The thing that caught my attention was a chandelier made of Frogskin-like sunglasses, which was impressive in this scale and method of manufacture
Oakley store sculpture

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Whatever happened to luxury brand Chloé’s online push in China? | 被遗弃的奢侈品牌的营销活动?

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French luxury ready-to-wear pioneer and Richemont Group fashion brand Chloé drove forward with an expansionist strategy for the Chinese market earlier this year with a webcast fashion show, corporate blog and an ambitious e-commerce strategy.
je suis chloe Wonder Girls screenshot
The webcast fashion show was supposed to be about the fifth anniversary of the brand, but was more about expanding their share of the Chinese marketplace.

As using social media in luxury goes, it was an ambitious strategy so I decided to revisit the site to see how they were getting on and what innovations they were up to. I went to the web address and got this page.
I’ve tried it a number of times on different networks and computers to make sure that it wasn’t an error on my part.

I know that the site is supposed to be based on servers in Shanghai and that the domain name doesn’t run out until the end of October.

I was surprised to see such an interesting brand exercise apparently given up on so quickly, the Chinese corporate blog would have been about establishing an ongoing relationship with existing, prospective and aspiring customers rather than rolling out what seems to have been a short-term campaign.

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