What’s on your iPhone?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Back in the day ‘What’s in your handbag?‘ was a popular feature in various magazines and newspapers. I was thinking about what would show a similar kind of personality now given that so much of your life is digital artifacts rather than real things. For instance up to five years ago, someone like myself who… Continue reading What’s on your iPhone?

Save the SL 1200: stop Technics killing an icon

Reading Time: < 1 minute Turntable, originally uploaded by Mr Guep. News around the web is that Panasonic the parent of Technics is going to kill the iconic Technics SL-1200 series of turntables. Originally designed in the early 1970s for karoake rooms their bulletproof construction and unique design features made them a crucual part of every DJ worth their salt.… Continue reading Save the SL 1200: stop Technics killing an icon