More on AlwaysOn’s Magazine Launch

From Tony Perkins at AO:

We wanted our members to be the first to know that AlwaysOn (along with you!) will launch a new magazine—making it the first “blogozine” to hit the market…or whatever you want to call it. Checkout all the details in my new post on the site

The cool thing is the new mag will include the most provocative AO member posts throughout the issue, and we will publish the excerpts our readers have viewed the most and rated the highest from the previous quarter.

Open source media is truly a beautiful thing –let’s make it happen!

Things that make you go hmm, hmm, hmm

First spotted on Lance Armstrong during this years Tour de France bike race, Oakley have now launched their MP3 headphones on their website. Oakley Thumpers come it at a spendy spendy 495USD for a 256MB MP3 player, earphones and glasses. You can read the specification and full details here (Windoze users need Acrobat from those nice people at Adobe Software, Mac OSX users can use Preview, but I would recommend using Acrobat for ease of use).Hot Gossip

There’s an unconfirmed rumour going around that alleges Netflix have recruited three PR / mar.coms people to prepare for an imminent UK launch. Netflix are famous for shaking up the DVD industry by pioneering online DVD rental and returns via post. If the allegation proves to be true, then Blockbuster and all the Netflix wannabies already in the UK market are due for for a huge can of whoopass to be let loose on them. According to coverage of the Video Island / ScreenSelect merger last month Netflix had indicated an intention to move into the UK marketplace. Note to the Netflix peepz, if you need a good PR agency mail me, the same kind of initiative that sniffed out this rumour could be put to good use raising the profile of your business in the UK.

Google Googly

Great web page on the best search engines / web resources to use according to your requirements.

Vodafone scooped in local rag

Luton on Sunday columnist, John Ball – a self styled voice of reason and wit scooped a new Vodafone ad campaign this week. Ball wrote about seeing Tony Blackburn and a film crew shooting outside the Vodafone shop in Luton’s Arndale Centre. You can delight in Ball’s copy here.Blackburn is an old national radio DJ and national treasure in the UK. He is liked despite his naffness and has been parodied by Harry Enfield.

Barbican Odyssey

I undertook a trip to the Barbican art gallery with fellow culture vulture Stephen. Both of us were interested in seeing Communicate – an exhibition of the best in British graphic design since the 1960s and Stephen also wanted to see Space of Encounter – an exhibition dedicated to the work of architect Daniel Libeskind. Getting to the Barbican was a bit of a mission because of the signage and the post-modern design of the area.

Space of Encounter was a mix of models, drawings, video and accompanying text which covered Libeskind’s portfolio of work from stage design and costumes, representing modern music via demented draftsmans drawings to architecture including work on the replacement of the World Trade Centres in New York.

Years ago I read HG Wells Invisible Man, in it the invisible man explained his condition by describing things being invisible or visible because of their angle to our dimensions of reality. Some of Libeskind’s work reminded me of this book because they looked as if they had rudely interrupted into our reality from another dimension, this made me feel uncomfortable about their place in our world.

Communicate was a much easier exhibtion, it featured work from magazines to nightclub posters and record sleeves. I particularly enjoyed the series of covers put out by Penguin books and the seventh birthday poster of the Hacienda by Mark Holt of 8VO and Octavo.