Ya Can’t Hate The Game It’s Da Player Ya Hate

Years ago, games did not need text books on how to complete them, were not realistic enough to inspire copycat murders and had playerability.The king of the heap was a bunch of crazy Californians called Atari. Now old code doesn’t die, it just get recycled. Many mobile phones have old school games recoded into Java to run on them, also my mate Stephen sent me a copy of Jum52 the Atari 5800 emulator for Mac OS X written by Dubliner Richard Bannister. It looked wonderful, its just the key layout isn’t that good for an iBook user like me.

Then I come across this story on my Excite news page. Atari are going to be launching all their golden oldies from the 1980s and further back on one disc for the PS2 and as a ‘replica’ hardware package of the old Atari consoles called the Atari Flashback with 20 games inside. Cool times indeed, remember street hustlers, its not the game; its the player you hate!

Keep it Classy San Diego

I got to see a preview showing of Anchorman: the legend of Ron Bergundy (Quicktime req’d) courtesy of Popbitch at Vue (the old Warner Village) in Leicester Square earlier on in the week. It is fantastic: the memorable punchlines come thick and fast, Will Ferrells physical humour is great and references to cultural touchstones such as West Side Story are deftly grafted in. I am a big fan of Will Ferrell anyway, but the film had a sterling cast including performances from Luke Wilson, Joe Black, Vince Vaughn, a relatively tolerable Ben Stiller and even cinema hard man Danny Trejo.My reservations about the film is only that I am sure come Christmas time next year I will get tired of people quoting its dialogue; in the same way that

Ali G from the 11 O’Clock Show and the League of Gentlemen were sucked of their creative marrow by the same fools. So I thought I would get in first with the Ron Bergundy sign-off as the article title.Plot spoiler: for all you animal lovers out there, the dog comes back.

In conclusion, by Thor’s hammer you should go and see this film if its the only one you catch this month. This is the film that Austin Powers trilogy should have been.

The Hidden Manifestos

Much of the media coverage online, in print and broadcast has focused on the razmatazz of the party conventions and the soap opera dramatics surrounding their characters. What has been largely missed out has been a critique of their economic policies. The New Yorker magazine has posted an outline of George Bush’s tax policy here. It reads like an unfettered neo-conservative text without any of the social conscience aspect to taxation and government that we have come to expect from the social democratic parties that govern Europe. In addition to benefiting the very rich and adversely affecting the poor and the elderly, the cuts proposed will hollow out the middle classes. What they gain in tax cuts, they will more than lose in increased health insurance, pension allowances, education fees and social security insurance. As many political analysts will tell you, the health and stability of a country depends on an economically strong, vibrant and numerous middle class.

More than its domestic implications to all strata of society, it will also help increase the cultural and political gap between Europe and the United States.

Breaking News

Quattrone elevated to exclusive club. Following his sentencing to 15 to 21 months jail time (which he will be appealing) Frank Quattrone has joined Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky and Martha Stewart to the big stripey house country club for people that are too greedy.

When Frank isn’t working on a chain gang he could put some of that time to good use reading articles from the 2004 Goizeuta Directors Conference on corporate governance. Details are here.

Who the heck is Frank Quattrone anyway?

Frank’s bio from the Stanford Business School advisory board (of which he is or maybe was a member)

Frank Quattrone is former managing director and head of CSFB Technology Group. He was a member of the executive board of CSFB and a member of the investment banking global leadership committee. Mr. Quattrone has 22 years of investment banking experience, including 17 years at Morgan Stanley, where he was managing director and head of the firm’s Global Technology Investment Banking Group, which he helped build from its early days in 1981. Prior to joining CSFB, Mr. Quattrone was a managing director at Deutsche Bank, where he was founder and CEO of DMG Technology Group.

Mr. Quattrone has advised on hundreds of IPOs, common stock and convertible offerings, and merger and acquisition transactions for technology companies including 3Com, Adobe, Agilent, Amazon.com, America Online, Apple, Applied Materials, Ascend, Broadcom, Cisco, Corvis, Cypress, E*Trade, Handspring, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Instinet, Intel, Intuit, KLA/Tencor, Linear Technology, Lucent Technologies, Lycos, National Semiconductor, Netscape, Nortel, Oracle, Pacific Century Cyberworks, Phone.com, Quantum, STMicroelectronics, Siemens, Synopsys, Synoptics, Verisign, Veritas, Wind River, Xilinx, and Zhone.

Mr. Quattrone serves on the boards of directors of 4Charity.com, Packet Design, The Tech Museum of Innovation, and Tech Network, and he serves on the board of Castilleja School. He received his BS degree summa cum laude from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business where he was an Arjay Miller Scholar.

If you go out in the woods today….

You’re sure of a big surprise. No, not the teddy bears picnic but geeks and other social undesireables playing life-action D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). Shockingly bad costumes and a strange fat man prancing about throwing crumbled paper towels shouting ‘lightning ball’. Check this out.