Interfluff Global Brands & Other Stuff

Interfluff has teamed up with Business Week to launch its global brand league table again. The table is avidly read by marketers and loved by journalists as a reference, but how much of it is meaningful. If you auctioned off the brands in the morning how close would you get to the monetary value quoted in the survey. I suspect pennies on the dollar. The vacuous nature of it all was illustrated in Inclusive Branding by Ludlow & Schmidt. In their book they compared the values of brand according to different brand agency rankings and found no correlation, ergo the process is little better than a wild ass guess. On to the other stuff, I picked up a new 12 on nrk DJ Meri – Everything. The dub mix is the cut for me, nrk comng with the quality deep and tracky stuff. Simply Vinyl have been putting out some interesting sampler 12s in association with indie label V2. For 5.99 GBP you get four quality remixes either in a house, jazzy house or junglist style. They are not the newest, but quality cuts.

It was too good to last

Slate, one of our favourite Microsoft products is on the sales lot at Redmond according to AP. Full details here. Slate is well written intelligent quality online publication, so obviously doesn’t fit in with the Microsoft corporate ethos. And as Bill Gates will probably tell you this Internetworking thing is a bit of a flash in the pan anyway (which is why his ghost writers had to completely rewrite ‘The Road Ahead’, 12 months after it was originally released. While we are talking about the ‘web here is a link to an interesting article about the challenges of cancelling a service online. The article appeared as part of the consumer watch column in the Philadelphia Inquirer. (Free registration required.)

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Computerworld ran an interesting article on the social tics that IT workers sometimes may have. Read the real reasons why management are so happy to fire their ass and send their job half way around the world, thus alleviating an immense irritation and providing an opportunity to rack up huge amounts of air miles researching the IT outsourced operation in India, China, whereever. Cost savings, yeah don’t believe it, most ‘business decisions’ are political, outsourcing is the price you pay for wearing ‘g3t fr4gg3d’, ‘I am r00t’ or ‘I read your email’ t-shirts around the office and leeching at the attractive golddigger of a marketing manager the chairman foisted on the company. Remember ‘Microsoft Certified’ means that you are commodity that can be bought or discarded like a PC.

Stop the press, management board members found to be thinking! Next up, uber brains McKinsey have launched the results have launched their second survey (free registration required) on what C-level execs think. Wait a moment, C-level execs don’t have to think, that’s the reason why the hired McKinsey? Anyway, the key takeout points are not exactly surprising

  • Generally positive economic outlook particularly from European CEOs, though this has reduced since January due to oil prices, interest rate rises et cetera
  • There is not much scope for price increases, so inflation should be kept under control
  • Increased investment in China and India, though North American execs in particular, are less confident that China’s government can continue the steep increase in growth
  • Mixed messages on IT spending, CTOs in Europe are less confident of an upturn in IT spending than the peers in the rest of the world. China and India in particular are looking to be hotbeds of IT spending as they seek to leapfrog the West

Google unleashes more whoop-ass on Microsoft, Gmail the Hotmail killer just got better, list of improvements can be found here. Don’t have an account yet? Maybe its because you have no friends to send you an invitation to join, socialise more you’ll feel better for it.The new Blade film Trinity is due out in December, my colleague and Balham’s mack daddy Cad Bwoy flagged up the following link. Troubled by the demise of the vampire race, their partners in repression of humans the government go toe-to-toe with the daywalker. Much booty is kicked by Blade! No sign of Whistler though.

Nuu medja prostitutes have a paid for report on the importance of online PR. OK, might they feel online PR is important because they are an online organisation that sells subscription services to PR agencies? Charging for this is like Next charging for their catalogue.

Digital terrorist Orrin Hatch plans to emulate muslim extremist Osama Bin Laden by disrupting Americans basic rights and way of life in pursuit of his own sick and twisted beliefs. Senator Orrin Hatch admitted that he wanted to steamroll through his flawed piece of legislation though Capitol Hill. Unfortunately like Bin Laden he is funded by shadowy supporters as this research shows. Like September 11, deeply engrained systems and a lack of imagination by legislators have prevented government operatives from taking him out, going behind the Lincoln memorial and giving him some high velocity lead poisoning. You can make your feelings known to Orrin by contacting him via his website here.

Telephone Preference Service – Postcard from the trenches

I had an interesting conversation with some friends working in telemarketing. Most of the companies that have signed up to the TPS are small-to-medium sized businesses. They welcome this as it means that they can pre-filter their prospects, a couple of major names stuck out in the conversation, Moss Bros the tailors and Carphone Warehouse have both signed up their main switchboard numbers.I found Carphone Warehouse particularly ironic given the amount of calls I have received from them asking me whether I would be interested in signing up to their TalkTalk alternative landline phone company service.

Jack Morton’s 360 Degree newsletter

Just a brief posting to flag up a couple of articles from Jack Morton’s 360 Degree experiential marketing newsletter.

Non-traditional tactics and the 2004 election campaign

RFID tagging of conference attendees