Controversy, Islam and the Sunday Telegraph

Reading Time: 1 minute According to BBC Newsnight’s pre-programme email newsletter some controversal articles that appeared in the Sunday Telegraph are brewing up a bit of a storm. They were authored by someone calling themselves Will Cummins and have already drawn the wraith of contributors to Dar Al Hayat and Arab Media Watch with writings designed to inflame and … Read moreControversy, Islam and the Sunday Telegraph

Tactical Conversation Weapons

Reading Time: 1 minute Being a communications professional, I was very impressed by this site which is a font of conversational put downs that can be used in any home, social or professional environment. Really good stuff with instructions on usage. Remember, less is more, don’t just use them willy-nilly – use them sparingly on people who deserve it. … Read moreTactical Conversation Weapons

New Art to be unveiled (updated)

Reading Time: 1 minute Banksy, a grafitti artist with a Mark Thomaseque sense of humour is unveiling his latest work later today. I am gutted that I have got a leaving do to go to, obiligation is a bitch sometimes. Banksy Unveiling tonight 7.30pm sharp CLERKENWELL GREEN, LONDON EC1 Full details on the BBC (courtesy of Stephen)

Spod Spot

Reading Time: 1 minute Something for the ‘crasher kids; glow in the dark ice lollies. Basically an ice lolly with a glow stick (chemical light stick) instead of the traditional wooden spatula Pedestrian turn signals’ or in British English – indicators for people? Weird For right thinking folk there is a cool review of of the Bourne Supremacy on … Read moreSpod Spot

Entertainment Cartels Fight TiVo Development Tooth and Nail

Reading Time: 4 minutes An article below from Sundays Washington Post by Rob Pegoraro illustrates why sports bodies and the movie industry should be locked up under RICO and the key thrown away. Original here. Maxium kudos to Dwayne Hendricks of the Interesting People mailing list for flagging this up. TiVo vs. the Broadcast Flag Wavers By Rob Pegoraro … Read moreEntertainment Cartels Fight TiVo Development Tooth and Nail