Telephone Preference Service – Postcard from the trenches

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I had an interesting conversation with some friends working in telemarketing. Most of the companies that have signed up to the TPS are small-to-medium sized businesses. They welcome this as it means that they can pre-filter their prospects, a couple of major names stuck out in the conversation, Moss Bros the tailors and Carphone Warehouse have both signed up their main switchboard numbers.I found Carphone Warehouse particularly ironic given the amount of calls I have received from them asking me whether I would be interested in signing up to their TalkTalk alternative landline phone company service.

Star Wars Web Gem

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TROOPS is a witty well crafted 10-minute short done by Star Wars fans. Imagine Imperial Stormtroopers doing a Cops style reality show with a bit of ‘troop brutality’ on the jawas, their sandcrawler and Luke Skywalker’s guardians having a domestic. Pure class! You can download it here, Quicktime is required for playback.

Night Vision

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I got an email from Nick Matthews of Best Kept Secret artist management about a benefit event being put on. While I don’t know about the ins and outs of what its all about, the line-up looks really good for a Sunday though I am not too sure that it blows the imgination. Enjoy!

The Place:

The Lodge, 226 Harlesden High Road, Kensal Rise, LONDON, NW10

The Date:

THIS SUNDAY 25th JULY 2004 – 12 hours of music that blows the imigination

The Cause:

…A family in the Peruvian Amazon put a English boy up for some weeks while he was traveling and discovered their child was going blind. A sight saving operation is possible at the cost £3000 pounds. The family – who would take more than a lifetime to save the money – have accepted that their son’s fate…. or maybe you can help a miracle take place. …….The travelling boy vowed to come back to England and raise the money…Individuals CAN make a difference to other individuals – one human to another…

The DJ’s:

12:00-14:00 – Chris Jay & loungin’ kollective

14:00-15:00 – Phil Asher (Restless Soul)

15:00-16:00 – Solid Groove & Trevor Loveys

16:00-17:00 – Patrick Forge (Da Lata / Kiss 100)

17:00-18:00 – Yam Who?

18:00-19:00 – Daz-I-Kue (Bugz in the Attic)

19:00-20:00 – M.K

20:00-21:00 – Benji B (BBC 1xtra)

21:00-22:00 – Stanton Warriors

22:00-23:00 – Stevie ‘Fela’ Kotey

23:00-24:00 – Stuart Patterson, Frank Tope & Jesse Rose


The ‘Dead: Fantastic Free Bootleg Collection

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While surfing in search of a copy of Fahrenheit 911, the Michael Moore political film I came across a treasure trove of Grateful Dead bootlegs on their servers. The Dead are part of a US phenomenon of ‘jam bands’ – people who make their money by touring and sell just enough records for to keep them in the public eye. They did a multitude of cover versions and their concerts were a home from home for acid casualties from the 1960’s.

The Dead took a farsighted attitude to the nature of the copyright of their live concerts:

The Grateful Dead and our managing organizations have long encouraged the purely non-commercial exchange of music taped at our concerts and those of our individual members. That a new medium of distribution has arisen – digital audio files being traded over the Internet – does not change our policy in this regard. Our stipulations regarding digital distribution are merely extensions of those long-standing principles and they are as follow:

No commercial gain may be sought by websites offering digital files of our music, whether through advertising, exploiting databases compiled from their traffic, or any other means.

All participants in such digital exchange acknowledge and respect the copyrights of the performers, writers and publishers of the music.

This notice should be clearly posted on all sites engaged in this activity.

We reserve the ability to withdraw our sanction of non-commercial digital music should circumstances arise that compromise our ability to protect and steward the integrity of our work.

Rock on!

Oprah Time: Serpico by Peter Maas

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I have been off ill from work the past few days with flu and I had my posts largely pre-written, At the moment I am bored out of my skin and procrastinating about getting stuck into my IPR development plan. So I thought a book recommendation would be in order. I recently read Serpico by Peter Maas. Peter’s true-life account of officer Frank Serpico’s one man fight against corruption in the New York Police Department is a fantastic read. The Al Pacino film sticks pretty close to the book, but thats my recommendation for the moment!