In The Sandpit

Reading Time: 1 minute Great article in the Guardian Online on the dangers of selling internationally, but not thinking the same way from a geographer employed at Microsoft. Lessons that all international marketers should learn from. Selected highlights include: – Showing the disputed Kashmir region as not belonging in India on a map used for setting timezones on a … Read moreIn The Sandpit

Respected Members of Congress on no-fly list

Reading Time: 1 minute Democrat Party congressman John Lewis who was a close associate of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, is on the terrorist watch list, what’s going on here. Someone find an old J Edgar Hoover memo which warned about black people in southern states getting uppity and wanting the white peoples seat on the bus? I know … Read moreRespected Members of Congress on no-fly list

Why ID sucks almost as much as David Blunkett

Reading Time: 1 minute The text below is from a website belonging to John Gilmore, one of your average west coast geeks who has done very nicely thank you. John is currently taking the US attorney general to court. Whats wrong with showing ID? What does an ID, any ID, do for security? The honest answer is ‘not much’. … Read moreWhy ID sucks almost as much as David Blunkett

Music Industry Calls Halt to Giveaway CDs

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the UK, music is licenced to help marketing campaigns by giving away music with product. This tactic has been used the UK newspaper industry to great effect. Now according to Music Week, there are those within the industry that want to stop the practice, as they feel it undermines their fight against privacy and … Read moreMusic Industry Calls Halt to Giveaway CDs