Reading Time: 1 minute Can I be bothered trawling through the Google filings when someone from the Washington Post and assorted equity analyst will give up the juicy bits anyway? No. This Washington Post article here is of interest. Whilst I wont be buying the stock I will be bookmarking their virtual roadshow page. What do I think? – … Read moreGooglewatch

Sociology more than just a qualification for a McJob

Reading Time: 1 minute One of my colleagues has been doing research on an issues management campaign in the offing and came across SIRC (Social Issues Research Centre), an Oxford based organisation with lots of useful articles on their site. Apparently they spawned the term ‘white van man’. And they don’t ask you if you want fries with your … Read moreSociology more than just a qualification for a McJob

Big Brother Awards

Reading Time: 1 minute Just came back from a cheap, but worthy night out. I took my friend Jonathan to see Privacy International’s Big Brother Awards, held at the London School of Economics and compared by Mark Thomas. The venue was a student bar with a glass roof rather like the Hac. A few hardy souls turned up as … Read moreBig Brother Awards

Half Man Half Biscuit Revisited

Reading Time: 1 minute I got introduced to Half Man Half Biscuit in college, whilst I am not into guitar bands their lyrics had a Birkenhead sense of humour. I revisited they body of work whilst sorting out an old box of records. They are still going and have a few tours coming up this summer. Classics include Dickie … Read moreHalf Man Half Biscuit Revisited

Apple Goes Moto? Don’t believe the hype

Reading Time: 1 minute Motorola and Apple have agreed to bring the iTunes jukebox and music service to mainstream Motorola phones. Interesting deal by Apple invading the mobile music player space that RealNetworks has called its own. Will this service work on Microsoft powered Motorola phones or is this deal just a pile of hot moto like the Motorola … Read moreApple Goes Moto? Don’t believe the hype