Too Good Not to Include

Reading Time: 8 minutes Fantastic piece of satire by OpenDemocracy which can be found here and below: Imagine a McKinsey style outfit touting for work amongst the local entrepreneurs, and they were commissioned by Al Queda to produce a report on their struggle. The SWISH Report Paul Rogers 14 – 7 – 2004 If al–Qaida had a planning unit … Read moreToo Good Not to Include

Couture and the Air Marshal

Reading Time: 1 minute The New York Times and bloggist AdviceGoddess ran pieces on how air marshals are obvious because of the dress code that they have to adhear to. From the New York Times: Federal air marshals must have neatly trimmed hair, and men must be clean-shaven, the documents say. Some of the service’s 21 field offices have … Read moreCouture and the Air Marshal

Customer Service Heroes and villains

Reading Time: 1 minute Orange turns me green at the gills One of the things I have learned over the past couple of weeks is that you can’t rely on a brand for consistent customer service, only people. As you may have read, I had some problems when Three cut my number off. Well credit where credit is due, … Read moreCustomer Service Heroes and villains