The ‘Dead: Fantastic Free Bootleg Collection

Reading Time: 1 minute While surfing in search of a copy of Fahrenheit 911, the Michael Moore political film I came across a treasure trove of Grateful Dead bootlegs on their servers. The Dead are part of a US phenomenon of ‘jam bands’ – people who make their money by touring and sell just enough records for to … Read moreThe ‘Dead: Fantastic Free Bootleg Collection

Oprah Time: Serpico by Peter Maas

Reading Time: 1 minute I have been off ill from work the past few days with flu and I had my posts largely pre-written, At the moment I am bored out of my skin and procrastinating about getting stuck into my IPR development plan. So I thought a book recommendation would be in order. I recently read Serpico by … Read moreOprah Time: Serpico by Peter Maas

Record Industry Bodies Seeking to Subvert UK Copyright Law

Reading Time: 1 minute According to Reuters, Elvis Presley’s back catalogue starts to become public domain from next year. Music industry fat cats are petrified as they see their revenues from The Beatles and the Rolling Stones start to go south in the near future. Maybe they should have invested in new talent instead? The BPI is trying to … Read moreRecord Industry Bodies Seeking to Subvert UK Copyright Law

Fantastic Viral Clips

Reading Time: 1 minute Bainst is a web designer with a sense of humour based around subverting the form of communication. Check out some of his really cool viral videos. The Soul Calibur (a Mortal Kombat type fighting game for hormone crazed teenage boys) characters getting jiggy wid it, rather than taking chunks out of each other and a … Read moreFantastic Viral Clips