Gates Courts Blogger

Reading Time: 1 minute Bill Gates wrote to me regarding the latest thinking by Microsoft (ok so its a Microsoft marketing ploy to make me think that Chairman Bill cares even for heretics like me) and some of their partners to curb spam. The mail is interesting, however I have a few concerns: – the industry initative lacked networking … Read moreGates Courts Blogger

Apple Puts a Tiger In Its Tank

Reading Time: 1 minute Steve Jobs live keynote presentation at Apple WWDC laid out by MacObserver here. For those of you too young to remember the put a tiger in your tank reference try here and here. My old man used to have an Esso tiger soft toy (which were common in the 1960’s and had it attached to … Read moreApple Puts a Tiger In Its Tank

Wise Words For PROs

Reading Time: 4 minutes I have abridged Lord Chadlington’s recent speech (June 15, 2004) to the Guild of Public Relations Practioners. In his speech Chadlington outlined the following rules: – Everything is possible. Everything good and everything bad! Most things are uncontrollable – particularly in our business. Events will always upset the best – laid plans. In that context, … Read moreWise Words For PROs

Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You

Reading Time: 1 minute New regulations come into effect on the 25th June 2004 in the UK that will allow businesses to opt out of receiving unsolicited sales calls by registering with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). – Registration takes 28 days to take effect. From the 25th June it will be an offence to make an unsolicited cold … Read moreDon’t Call Us We’ll Call You


Reading Time: 2 minutes US music festival Lollapalooza has a similar standing in the UK to Glastonbury or the Mean Fiddler events. It is best known to UK audiences for appearing in at least one Simpsons episode (where Cypress Hill jam with a symphony orchestra). Due the reaganomic policies of the Bush administration it will not be going ahead … Read moreLollabamboozled