China Leads The Way

Reading Time: < 1 minute America historically has led the Internet, by setting many of the technology standards and being home to many of the main companies whose technology underpins and makes use of the Internet. A small geeky announcement on indicates that the balance is shifting. The announcement is significant; think of it this way, how many extra … Read moreChina Leads The Way

Jargon Watch: counter-googling

Reading Time: < 1 minute Interesting article on about businesses using Google to research customers and better tailor their offering to their needs – Google as a kind of ad-hoc CRM solution. Trendwatching label this counter-googling. An interesting example they cite is “The Bel Air Hotel in LA already Googles first-time guests upon arrival, based on their reservation details … Read moreJargon Watch: counter-googling

B-Boy Bulletin: Freestylers ‘Raw As F**k’ album out Monday!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Live and Direct from Supercharged Music From: SuperCharged To: Ollie Lewis Date: Fri Jul 02, 2004 01:40:59 PM BST Subject: Freestylers ‘Raw As F**k’ album out Monday! After over a year of blood sweat and beers Against The Grain are very proud to announce the release of their first artist album… Freestylers ‘Raw As F**k’ … Read moreB-Boy Bulletin: Freestylers ‘Raw As F**k’ album out Monday!

Oprah Time: Ugly Americans by Ben Mezrich

Reading Time: < 1 minute My book of the moment is Ugly Americans by Ben Mezrich. Ben previously wrote Bringing Down the House; a book about a group of maths geeks who take on the Las Vegas casinos by team playing with a gambling system and making a killing at poker. In Ugly Americans, Ben turns his attention to hedge funds exploiting … Read moreOprah Time: Ugly Americans by Ben Mezrich