Death of community sites: Pollen & BuddyNetwork

Reading Time: 1 minute My inbox last night and today indicated the demise of two community sites Pollen and BuddyNetwork. BuddyNetwork was a virtual business community, for some reason I could never get the site to work on my browser. The site was a peer of the likes of ecademy, but a bit more funky. Pollen was a community … Read moreDeath of community sites: Pollen & BuddyNetwork

Just a quick update as dog tired

Reading Time: 1 minute Just a quick note since I am dog tired. Apple this evening released 10.3.3 update for OS X. This provides security enhancements and makes the thing run sweeter in general. You need broadband or an understanding dial up ISP as the file is a whopping 58.8MB. AlwaysOn Network have moved my contribution ‘Are we too … Read moreJust a quick update as dog tired

Heavy Rotation

Reading Time: 1 minute Currently getting heavy rotation on the D-E-C-K-S at Chez Carroll: Greg Kozo feat Allymonous – you could be the one – place blanche Alex Trax & DJ Thanno – the strobe – siestamusic DJ Romain presents – house thang – nufaze Magik Johnson – Kingsland Dubs – nrk DJ Romain presents – it’s real – … Read moreHeavy Rotation

The Wired Magazine curse strikes again

Reading Time: 1 minute Following in the illustrious footsteps of Enron, Vivendi Universal / Vizzavi and Iridium. The DARPA Grand Challenge fell victim to the curse of the eight-page spread in Wired Magazine. What is the Grand Challenge? The Grand Challenge was a way of DARPA (America’s military think-tank who supported the development of the graphical user interface for … Read moreThe Wired Magazine curse strikes again

Are we too complex?

Reading Time: 1 minute Are we too complex is a post that I originally wrote on the now defunct Alwayson Network regarding the thoughts of Dan Geer on complexity in technology. Dan’s ideas are interesting because they make sense to the man in the street. For instance the more complex you make something, the more likely it is to … Read moreAre we too complex?