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Dumb internet

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Reading Time: 9 minutes Over the past 20 years has the modern web became a dumb internet? That’s essentially a less nuanced version of what media theorist Douglas Rushkoff proposed. In his essay ‘The Internet Used to Make Us Smarter. No Not So Much” Rushkoff outlines the following points: Too much focus and analysis has been put in the […]

ICYMI | 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Men Know It’s Better to Carry Nothing – The Cut – Medium – women clean up because fashion allows it. She pointed to the size of women’s bags, which allow us — like sherpas or packhorses — to lug around the tool kits of servitude. A woman is expected to be prepared for every eventuality, […]

The Apple – Qualcomm deal post

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Reading Time: 2 minutes The Apple and Qualcomm deal ceased legal hostilities and lots of people have kicked around theories. But no one seems to definitively know what happened. And what the implications are for Apple. If Apple was on such a sticky wicket, why didn’t it make a deal with Qualcomm earlier? A judge had asked them to […]