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Traackr – beyond the buzzword event

Reading Time: 4 minutes Thanks to Delphine at Traackr UK for inviting me alone to their event last week. I started to make notes about what was being presented but in the end also started writing reactive notes as thoughts occurred to me.  Here they are below (with the spelling corrected). The event was given the theme of ‘beyond… Continue reading Traackr – beyond the buzzword event

Bassline + more news

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bassline Bassline: The UK Dance Scene That Was Killed by the Police | VICE United Kingdom – Bassline was a Sheffield-specific scene. Sheffield has had a history of birthing electronic music genres. The most notable one for me was the bleep techno scene from the late 1980s. Bassline built on the trends that came before… Continue reading Bassline + more news

Be Marlboro + more news

Reading Time: 4 minutes Be Marlboro Health groups call to end “Be a Marlboro” campaign | Marketing-Interactive – I grew up with ‘Marlboro Country’ billboards showing the cigarette to be the poison of choice for the middle-aged cowboy taking a break. Be Marlboro was a much need revamp of the Marlboro brand. Modern-day UK Marlboro man could also be… Continue reading Be Marlboro + more news